Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Me in Numbers meme

Captain's Log, Stardate 03.25.2009

I stole this from Danica, who did this for her Thursday Thirteen. I don’t participate, but I thought it was a fun meme.

1. Dog, currently (Snickers)

2. ACL (knee) surgeries I’ve had ... on the same knee. Yeah. Lex’s trials in Sushi for One—that was all me, baby.

3. Fingerless gloves I’ve knitted for myself. My hands get cold while I’m typing at the computer.

4. Contracted books: Sushi for One, Only Uni, Single Sashimi, and Deadly Intent

5. Manuscripts I’d completed before I got a publishing contract

6. Unfinished knitting projects lying around my room. And before you say anything, I know knitters who have even more.

7. Boxes of yarn that I have. Yes, I need therapy.

8. Days since I had French fries, and I’m dying!

9. Months until Christmas, which means I need to start knitting my relatives’ presents NOW if I want to finish in time.

10. About the number of Steeple Hill Love Inspired books that I buy each month from They’re cheaper as ebooks, they don’t take up shelf space, and I can knit while reading on the computer.

11. Weeks I’ve been running. I’m doing the Couch to 5K program, although I haven’t signed up for any races yet.

12. Boxes of books I have in my To Be Read pile. It’s more like a mountain. In my defense, they’re mostly paperbacks I bought from Goodwill or garage sales. Who can give up a Regency romance for 50 cents a book? If I start reading it and don’t like it, I can stop and toss it without guilt.

13. Number of Nalgene water bottles that I have next to my desk. Captain Caffeine got many of them from Goodwill very cheaply, and since I drink about 2 a day, the more the better.

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