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Multicultural fiction is fun!

Captain's Log, Stardate 02.06.2009

I’m over at Christian Fiction Online Magazine this month talking about hunky guys why multicultural fiction can be for everyone!

Many people tell me, “I don’t know if I’d like your books because I’m not Asian,” or, “I don’t think I’d like your books because I don’t know any Asian people.”

To which I reply, “If you like fun fiction, it doesn’t matter if the heroine is Asian or African American or alien. Fun fiction is fun fiction.”

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  1. Multicultural fiction is a must! As the body of Christ, we need to mix and mingle more, including in our reading.

  2. "I don’t think I’d like your books because I don’t know any Asian people"

    being Asian, that's really sad to hear that. i'm glad that i make it difficult for people to say that. :)

    BTW i made fried rice for the first time last night (by myself that is). i think homemade taste SOOO much better than take out!

  3. Hi Camy,

    I just want to ask if you know of any online chicklit writers club that are open for aspiring unpublished writers like me?

    I'd appreciate any suggestions.


  4. Hi Joy,
    The only really active chick lit group I know of is an online chapter of Romance Writers of America, and it's a bit pricey to join. RWA costs $100 for the first year, and $85 each year after that, and then it costs $25 a year to join the chick lit chapter.

    Here's their website:

    They have a very active email discussion loop that can be very helpful for new writers, and they are the only group I know of that is dedicated just to chick lit.


  5. Barb--I think so too!

    Deborah--isn't fried rice just awesome???? I make it all the time because it's fast, easy, and cheap and it tastes great!


  6. How sad that someone would dismiss your books without even trying just because they have Asian characters. I LOVED the stories and it didn't matter that the characters were Asian. Well, actually, it did because I learned new stuff and I think it develops me as a person to expose myself to things that are different than me and not just live in my own little bubble. But to my enjoyment and appreciation of the story as a whole - NO it did not detract from it in any way. that is silly thinking.

  7. I write neither romance nor Christian fiction, yet I feel compelled to reply.

    I love books from all types of cultures and must say that Banana Yoshimoto is one of my favorite authors of any genre. I just love her characters. I could care less that they are not black or even American for that matter. They are always compelling and make a good story.

    I include characters from other cultures for two primary reasons. One: They exist. I don't live in a world with just one race or culture. Two: Some of the people whom I love and care for most in this world are not black. They have had a profound effect in my life, so I try to create characters that reflect the inspiration they have given me. I know it may be in vogue to be multicultural, but I can only write what's in my heart and head whether or not it's trendy.

    Yes, I gravitate heavily toward black female authors, but that does not stop me from enjoying texts outside my own experience. To do so would be just ignorant.

  8. Hi Camy,
    Yes, I have read about the RWA. But not quite ready to get into membership as I'm still concentrating on finishing my non-fiction book about teaching young kids. Will do that very soon. I just figured that there may be some free online groups that I could explore while waiting for the right time to write a real chicklit.
    At any rate, thanks so much for the suggestion. Will surely get into RWA soon.

  9. I agree. You don't have to be from a particular culture in order to enjoy books about multicultural characters. We are all people no matter what colour our skin, no matter what our heritage is, no matter what. We all go through similar experiences and can identify with characters. I don't let any of those things interfere with a good book. If it sounds good and the characters are Asian, African American/Canadian, male or female...then I read it. The writing and the story are what's important to me - not the culture or colour of skin of the characters.

  10. I'm with you! I'm not Asian and I enjoyed your book. You had a good reply.
    Something's wrong with that person.


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