Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wyn's Sunday Meme

Captain's Log, Stardate 11.20.2008

Ladystorm tagged me for this meme:

I would like to know what people keep close by their computer for books. So I was thinking that I would start a Sunday feature of my own that includes tagging 4 other bloggers, not necessarily book bloggers.

My meme is:

1. What book is on the left hand side of your computer or closest to the left hand side?

45 Master Characters by Victoria Lynn Schmidt

2. Are you reviewing it, is it your favourite, or is it there for some other reason and specify.

It’s the book I most often use when I’m in the plotting phase of writing a new book. I like using the archetypes as a jumping off point for creating my characters, and I use the Hero and Heroine’s Journeys for solidifying my story structure. I’m using it to write my next contracted novel, The Year of the Dog (working title).

3. Go to page 38 and write down from the 2nd paragraph, the first 4 sentences.

(in the chapter about the Amazon character archetype)

The Villainous Side of the Amazon: The Gorgon
As a villain she would do anything to come to the aid of another woman, even if it meant killing an innocent man by mistake. Her rage at injustice is swift, merciless and sometimes aimed at the wrong person.

She is Medusa, the Gorgon, the woman of fury and rage, especially if she’s been violated.

4. Tag 4 friends.

Cheryl Wyatt
And any of you who wants to try this! Leave your blog address in the comments.

This is a pretty fun meme. I might do it again at some point.

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  1. I did this the other day (Wyns my friend)
    its was a cool one. trouble is there is no room on the right of my desk for a book and had to go over the bed to the bedside table!today im on the laptop and i have a pile here on the dining table to read.