Monday, November 24, 2008

7 random facts ... again

Captain's Log, Stardate 11.24.2008

Debby Giusti tagged me on this meme, so here goes again!

1. I can only knit one thing at a time, right? So why do I have TEN knitting projects on the needles at once?

2. I like reading knitting and yarn catalogs while I’m on the can.

3. My friend Ronda Wells sent me a pink feather boa and a pink tiara, which I wear while writing. It fires my creativity. Really.

4. I like wearing hats solely for the purpose of hiding a Bad Hair Day. Which is why I’m currently working on a Chevron stripe beret, La Parisenne, using Essential yarn in Flint Tweed and Tuscany Multi.

5. I am watching the end of the third season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I have to say, I’m getting bored. (So this proves I’m not a slave to the hype around this series.) The beginning of season three was rather dull, and while it has picked up now, it’s still not exciting enough to make me need to see more. I will probably continue to watch it until it loses me completely.

6. The weather’s getting colder, and I warm my office not with a space heater or by turning up the thermostat, but with candles.

7. At a loss for something else weird about me, I asked my friend Cheryl Wyatt, who tells me I have weird friends, herself being one of them.


  1. I think it's cute that you like to wear hats!

    I love the old-fashioned, antique hats. It takes a very brave day for me to wear one in public, but I really love them!

    As for Buffy- Season four goes down-hill even more, but there are a few good episodes. Even if you skip the rest of the season, watch "Hush." That one rocked.
    Season five you can skip completely, except you may want to watch the last episode, so you have some context for season six, which starts to pick up again. Season six is only ok, but there are some decent episodes, particularly "Once More With Feeling," and the two or so before and after it.
    Season seven picks up again- GREAT ending for the series. Gives you some good closure.

    And no, I'm not obsessed... why do you ask? :)

  2. LOL thanks for the scoop on the Buffy seasons, that helps. How sad it went downhill for so many seasons, though.