Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Prayer

Captain's Log, Stardate 10.12.2008

Leave any prayer requests in the comments and I’ll be praying this week. You don’t have to be Christian to leave a prayer request. If you’d rather not advertise to everyone on the blogosphere, just leave an unspoken prayer request or e-mail me. If I forgot your prayer request, email me. Not to be mean or anything, but if you don't email me or comment to update your prayer request, I'm only going to pray ONE Sunday.

I’m trying something new with my Sunday Prayer. I’m really bad about doing it on Sunday, so I’ll be updating it during the week.

Dear Lord, thank you for your power.

I pray for complete healing for Malia, Cheryl, and Sharon.

I also lift up any of my blog readers in need of physical, emotional, or spiritual healing and pray you will touch them.

I lift up Case and his family to you.

Please heal Terri completely of the blood clot. Give wisdom to the doctors and lay your hand on her body.

I pray for safe, quick, smooth surgery for Keith.

Please be with our nation during the election.

I lift up Shari’s friend Joey and his wife. Thank you for Shari’s love and concern for them. Please be with the family during this time and help them to find you in everything that happens.

I pray for your will on Monday. I pray for new contracts (PRAISE GOD!) and your will for Captain Caffeine’s job direction. Please provide for our family financially. Guide my life, open and close doors, and lead me into what you want me to do.



  1. Please pray as the Holy Spirit leads concerning the 2 book proposals that I am about to submit. I sure would like them to be accepted for publication along with healthy advances. I've poured my heart into them. I have 5 more being shopped by my agent; but no sales so far. I can't give up now, I've come this far by faith and I must trust and not be afraid. Thank you.

  2. Please pray for my revisions, so I can finally get this submitted. I feel like a wool blanket is covering my eyes from seeing what I need to do.

    Also, like everyone else, finances.

    Thanks, Camy!


    So sweet of you to have a prayer place for us to 'gather' and lift one another up. Lord bless you, Camy.

  3. Camy, I am so glad that you are adding prayer requests here. I have a sister that is one year older than me that had a brain tumor when she was nine which caused her to go blind. She had breast cancer and had her breast removed. Found out later last year she had bone cancer throughout her body and now she has another brain tumor which is not cancerous but needs to be removed. She is a christain and I would like you to add her to our prayer request list.
    Thanks so much,