Saturday, October 04, 2008

Excerpt - LYING ON SUNDAY by Sharon Souza

Lying on Sunday

By Sharon Souza

For Abbie Torrington, betrayal and truth are about to collide.

After learning her husband died of a heart attack—in another woman's bed—Abbie is faced with a choice: She can give in to despair, or she can create a new life. Abbie does both … Then a shocking revelation threatens to undo everything she's accomplished. Will the power of the truth really set Abbie free, or is forgiveness too far out of reach?

"Sharon has created a character so vivid and real you'll feel as though you've stepped into Abbie Torrington's life. You don't want to miss this beautiful story of healing and grace." --- Virginia Smith, author of Stuck in the Middle.

"Lying on Sunday is delightful and poignant, witty and moving . . . Bravo!" --- Nancy Moser, award-winning author of Washington's Lady and Just Jane.

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