Friday, October 24, 2008

Discussion questions for Sushi for One and a contest

Captain's Log, Stardate 10.24.2008

I just realized a few days ago (thanks to Donna) that I didn’t have the Sushi for One discussion questions up on my website. Well, that has been remedied!

Click here to download discussion questions (.pdf) for Sushi for One?


I have also realized that I don’t have discussion questions for either Only Uni or Single Sashimi. Since I completely suck at writing discussion questions, I’m holding a contest for YOU guys to write discussion questions for me!

(Bwahahahahaha Am I lazy or what?)

Email your discussion questions to me at camy {at} camytang {dot} com.

The questions can pertain to Only Uni, Single Sashimi, or both!

Please see the discussion questions for Sushi for One (above) to see the type of questions I need for Only Uni and Single Sashimi.

For every person whose question(s) I pick to use, I’ll give you a free Christian novel—you can pick from a list I’ll give you. If I use more than one of your discussion questions, I'll give you more than one book!

(Fine print: In entering this contest, you are releasing all rights to your question(s) to me for my use in promoting the books. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, well, don’t enter.)

This contest will run
for a little longer than a month—I’ll pick a winner the first week in December.
Update: I've extended the deadline to February!