Friday, October 03, 2008

Book review – SUNSET by Karen Kingsbury

Captain's Log, Stardate 10.03.2008

Karen Kingsbury

As John Baxter makes plans to marry Elaine, one of the Baxters enters into the most trying season of all. During a time of renewed love and hope for the future, the Baxters try to come together to establish the sacred ground of marriage and to chart a course for the future. Memories of times gone by meet with the changes of today in a story that proves only the support of faith and family can take a person into the sunset years of life.

Camy here:

I have to admit, this book was the first Karen Kingsbury book I’ve ever read. And BOY, now I know why she’s a bestselling author!

She writes with so much emotion, with so many emotionally vibrant pictures, with such exquisite word choices! I was crying left and right—and I enjoyed it!

Very uplifting, hopeful book. It shows God’s grace and love practiced by fallen Christians during trying periods of life, through hard choices.

There are a LOT of characters in this book, and since I haven’t followed the Baxter series, I was a bit confused at times and couldn’t always remember who was who. But she does a good job giving subtle hints so I could figure it out within a few paragraphs.

People who have followed the Baxters will find it a very satisfying ending, pulling lots of story threads full circle. I thought she did a good job, considering how many characters and stories were involved in the series.

Overall, a very entertaining book, hard to put down. Kingsbury fans will love it, and it made a new Kingsbury fan out of me!


  1. wow, you sure have been missing out, hey?! :) she has been my top favourite fiction author for quite a few years!

  2. Camy, now you have to start with Redemption and read to the end! Buyer be ware, her series is like having imaginary family around you as you read each novel and get to know each of the characters and they become so real that I found myself praying for one of them. Scary I know! I hate for the series to end but there is talk of a mini-series about the Baxters that will air on TV. We can only pray it will transpire!

  3. Camy,
    I love KK but I confess I have OD'd on her. I've taken a break, and now have some catching up to do with the Baxter family apparently. ALong with the bajillion other books I brought home with me from ACFW. Oh, except for yours of course, because when I got to the bookstore it was SOLD OUT. Blah.

  4. Really!? Your first Karen Kingsbury book? My favorite comment you made pretty much sums up the whole KK experience... "I was crying left and right -- and I enjoyed it!" My husband always knows when I'm reading one of her books. Because I'll get intensely quiet, the house doesn't get cleaned for a couple of days, and I end up bawling. But it's a satisfying cry.