Monday, October 20, 2008

Blog tour, day 50

Captain's Log, Stardate 10.20.2008

The complete schedule of the Single Sashimi blog tour is here.

I’m guest blogging at Love Inspired author Missy Tippens’ blog about how I make my character voices so distinct.


  1. oops, I forgot my link.

  2. I tried to leave a comment on Missy Tippens blog for your blog tour, but it only allows Blogger accounts to leave comments.

    I did appreciate your advice on character voices. Very helpful!

  3. Very interesting and definitely something I need to try for my female characters. They don't "sound" different enough. Now my males...they have very distinct voices. LOL

    BTW I went to Logos yesterday to pick up Single Sashimi and they were sold out! According to the staff, people were coming in the last few days and asking for it by name. It must have been that article. So while I'm sad for me, I'm happy for you. It was very cool. :)

  4. Wonderful guest blog. Watching the same actor play different roles is such a unique tool!