Thursday, September 11, 2008

The monster raspberry bush

Captain's Log, Stardate 09.11.2008

I’ve already spoken of my black thumb, so this was completely unexpected. Or maybe it’s just my dumb luck.

Remember my raspberry bush that was growing nicely despite my attempts to prune it to death? Well, look at it now--


If it keeps growing arms like that, it’s going to take over the yard!

Oh, and that weird round thing is an igloo shaped dog house Captain Caffeine picked up at Goodwill, which the dog has never used because she’s afraid of the sound inside it, so now it’s another piece of trash in our backyard.

Any thoughts on what I should do about the monster raspberry bush?


  1. You could put up something behind it, like a little fencing, to train it along.

  2. I wouldn't say you have a black thumb after looking at that. Holy moly. Man, I live in the desert and I could kill a cactus my thumb is so black. LOL

  3. Just stopping to say hello.
    I find posts for and I like to list your book giveaways.

    Also wanted to say that I requested your books at the library this AM. I know you'd rather I buy them, but I just don't buy very many books. They had Only Uni, but not Sushi for One.

    Have a great day!

  4. Nice raspberry bush! I've never tried to grow anything but tomatoes, and that's not working out so good either. LOL...just stopping by to say hello!


  5. Camy, my big dogs who lived outside both had a dogloo (that's what they're called) and the border collie especially loved hers. Even in the heat of a summer night, she always went into her dogloo. The sheltie wasn't as keen on it except when the weather turned really cold. We had heating pads (same shape) inside to lay on in the winter months.