Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Suspense writing music?

Captain's Log, Stardate 08.12.2008

Okay, I need suggestions from y’all.

I’m writing my romantic suspense for Steeple Hill and I need good writing music!

For example, my friend MaryLu Tyndall writes pirate historical romances, and she listened to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack when writing her Legacy of the King’s Pirates series.

My book is set in Sonoma wine country, but it’s set in a day spa.

And it’s got a dead body.

I want nice, suspenseful music to get in the mood.



  1. I'm not sure if it'll help at all, but I sure love Adie Camp (Jeremy Camp's wife) and Jeremy Camp. I'm not sure they'd fit with suspense, but they sure INSPIRE me to write. I write YA supernatural with a hint of romance. Whenever I hear YOUR WAY by Adie Camp, my creative juices get flowing.

    I stumbled across her song while blogging one night, thought I'd check it out, and it's stuck with me ever since.

  2. Camy,

    I listen to Pirates #2, it has some great beats for the suspense. Also, while I was writing book #2 I listened to Matt Bronleewe's Illuminated soundtrack and Micheal W. Smith's Freedom.

    If it's really tense, I'll listen to music by Evanscene, but I suggest it only if you don't mind some of the wording. I freaked one night listening to that and writing a scene where my heroine was in big trouble. Had to close up shop til daylight hours. LOL!

    I usually listen to something that doesn't have words so I'm less likely to sing with it and has a good hard beat to it.

  3. Hmm. Is there a Psycho soundtrack? :)

  4. Carl Orff's Carmina Burana is pretty suspenseful.

  5. to bad its not in an opera house cos phantom of the Opera would work.
    cant think of a pyschotic spa music theme.
    I know how music can affect things.
    I was reading a series about mormons by Marion Wells and listening to Randy Stonehill at the time and I just cant listen to a couple of songs without feeling a strange reaction. The books were set when the Mormans started adn there was some really nasty stuff in the books.

  6. I really like listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack . . . it has romance, scares, wars and laughter built into the songs. Most of the time I can tell where in the movie it came from because the music is sooo descriptive itself. :-) I know it's not anything having to do with Spas or Sonoma but it's very restful and still has plenty of suspenseful sections.