Monday, August 11, 2008

Read the first chapter of Single Sashimi!

Captain's Log, Stardate 08.11.2008

I now have the first chapter of Single Sashimi up on my website!

You can go to my Sushi Series page, scroll down, and click on the link to download the .pdf file,
Click here to download the first chapter of Single Sashimi directly.

Special bonus material:

Okay, well, not really, but here’s a little something interesting for you guys.

If you bought the first printing of Only Uni, there was the first chapter of Single Sashimi at the end. In that chapter, a certain "happy event" occurs for Trish and Spenser.

Well, that first chapter had to be sent to print in Only Uni before the final edits were done on Single Sashimi, and when edits were being completed, my editors decided to nix the "happy event."

I totally understand why they decided to cut it—the book was a bit "busy" with it in, and it affected the pacing. Following up on the "happy event" throughout Single Sashimi also made the book too long and too frantic.

So, it was cut out of Single Sashimi and the first chapter rewritten. Except that the first printing of Only Uni had already been shipped to stores with the original chapter of Single Sashimi in it. Doh!

However, they fixed the error in the second printing of Only Uni (which just occurred last month).

The good news is that now I'm free to write a short story detailing the "happy event" in a different way! I'll try to finish it by the end of the year, and it'll be available as a free .pdf download to my newsletter YahooGroup members.

Also you might want to know: The .pdf chapter download of Single Sashimi has a little bit more than is included in the back of Only Uni. There's a short scene cut out of the chapter at the back of Only Uni that's included in the .pdf download.

Want to read the original version of chapter one of Single Sashimi? First printings might still be available. Try,, or


  1. Loved the excerpt, Camy. :) Can't wait to read the book!

  2. I have "Only Uni" with the original first chapter of Single Sashimi in it. I was looking forward to the "happy event" in Single Sashimi..:) But I'm so happy that you are going to do a story about this, so I look foward to reading it and Single Sashimi! God Bless

  3. Lots of information! Thanks for the update. I can't wait to read Single Sashimi, but won't be able to until I get back to the U.S. in Dec, so the first chapter will have to hold me over!

    One question, why won't the 4th be published in a book form? Love, love, love the series!!! Thanks.


  4. Thanks, Regina!

    Gail, unfortunately, Zondervan decided not to opt to publish the fourth book. However, I'm glad because I'll be able to offer it free to my newsletter subscribers!