Monday, August 25, 2008

Pride and Prejudice marathon

Captain's Log, Stardate 08.25.2008

When Danica was here, we watched the BBC miniseries Pride and Prejudice! It was great!

I love watching this miniseries, but it’s always better watching it with friends. :) Especially friends who understand the Regency era and the storyline, and who love dishy British blokes.

I can’t believe this was made 13 years ago. Colin Firth looks so young. Danica also recognized the actress who played Caroline Bingley from other movies, What a Girl Wants and Three Weddings and a Funeral.

Now, a few weeks ago, Pride and Prejudice was showing on Masterpiece Classic, and I have a Tivo Season Pass to record it. Captain Caffeine wanted to watch something else and asked if he could stop recording.

I told him, “Sure, I have the DVDs.”

“You do?”


“And you watch them over and over?”

Huffy. “Yes.”


“Because it’s good!”

Then, I challenged/pleaded/nagged Captain Caffeine to watch Pride and Prejudice with me.


Jaw hits floor. “Really???” (In hindsight, I should not have given him the opportunity to change his mind.)

“Yes. Just not right now,” he added hastily as he flipped to Sports Center.

So when Danica and I started watching Pride and Prejudice, I wondered if he would stay and watch, especially since we were monopolizing the TV.

And he did! Well, most of it. When Darcy was declaring his love for Elizabeth, he said he was tired and was going to bed and walked out on the most romantic point of the movie. (I am not surprised, after all, he is a man.)

Aren’t you impressed? I know I am.

Here’s a link to the YouTube video of Mr. Darcy’s first appearance in the miniseries (BBC disabled embedding it in my blog post, sorry). I love this scene!


  1. I find it hilarious that Anna Chancellor doesn't get Colin Firth in BOTH Pride and Prejudice and What a Girl Wants.

  2. I love, love, love this verson of P&P, and my hubby watched it too! Well, he tried, but fell asleep somewhere in hour two. It was a valliant effort. You're so right about watching it with someone else who gets the romance of it all!

  3. I love this movie, too!! My favorite part is when Darcy meets Elizabeth unexpectedly at Pemberley... not just because of the wet shirt, but the way they are both so different towards each other and in each other's eyes. Firth & Ehle nail it. :-)

  4. Well, *some* of us have to get up for work the next morning :)

  5. I guess that's a valid excuse. *sniff.*

  6. I don't think there is a single scene in that movie that my husband doesn't recognize, even though he has supposedly never watched it with me and would never admit it if he had.

  7. Well, it was still fun having Captain Caffeine watch it with us. And very good that we watched it together. We need to watch more movies together. :)