Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My dog's butt

Captain's Log, Stardate 08.19.2008

So, while my parents were here, my dog Snickers got LOTS O’ LOVE.

My folks LOVE petting her. They will sit after eating and put one hand down, and Snickers will RUN to them to be petted.

She will sit there obediently for HOURS if they’d continue to pet her.

Yes, the dog was majorly spoiled.

She loves having her lower back/butt scratched—the area at her lower spine just before it turns into her tail, between her hip bones. She will often turn around and present her backside to my parents so they’ll scratch.

Unfortunately, she seems to shed the most hair when that area is scratched.

I kid you not—I’ve often petted her and I can see hair flying off her backside, but if I scratch her upper back or neck or tummy, there isn’t as much hair.

Mom says to me, “She loves having her butt scratched.”

I answer, “Yeah, but that’s where she sheds the most hair.”

So my mom makes the observation: “She’s going to have a bald butt one day.”

Actually, she didn't use the word butt, she used another word that was a bit funnier, but you get the picture.


  1. What a cute dog. And the name, Snickers. So fitting.

    I have two dogs, my youngest, Maddux, is the same as Snickers--well, in the scratching category anyway. Sheds like crazy but loves to be scratched in the same area. LOL

    Dogs, gotta love them...so loyal, loving, and unconditional. So many times I'm sitting with my laptop, typing away at my WIP and they come cuddle up next to me.

    It just makes me smile!!

  2. lol..that is too funny.

    I use to have a dog, Boomer, who was the same way. and now that I think about it my Gracie is like that too...maybe dogs can't reach that area and that is why they love getting that area scratched??

  3. The title of this post alone was enough to hook me! Snickers sounds a lot like Gracie (yes, we have a Gracie, too, Angie), our half-Lab 95-pound "puppy." She'll stand there all day and let you scratch her, um, butt. Or anything else you can reach.

  4. Sheri, I agree--dogs' unconditional love is just awesome!

    Angie, I think you're right--it's probably the one place she can't reach.

    Myra, she sounds cute--she's huge! Snickers is only 50 lbs so if she "insists" on anything, we can just shove her away, but it might be hard for you to do that with Gracie. LOL


  5. That is where my cats love to be petted too. They will arch their backs by their rears up almost vertical to be petted. Not sure if other cats do this.

  6. My Razzie does the same thing and sheds more there too, but when you scratch her there she starts lifting her back feet one at a time like she's marching with her back feet only. Very weird.