Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New book excerpt format - need feedback

Captain's Log, Supplemental

The wonderful and talented Amy over at The Friendly Book Nook gave me the html code to insert a scrolling frame in my blog post so I could post entire book chapters without having a long long looooong post to scroll through.

I’ve checked it out in Bloglines and Feedblitz and it looks like the scrolling frame translates well, but I’m also hoping it work with other blog aggregators that you guys use.

If, when you use your own blog aggregator, the Beyond the Reflection’s Edge post today does NOT have a scrolling frame—if it instead has the entire chapter posted as a long blog post—please comment here and let me know. Also please let me know what blog aggregator you use—Google, or Yahoo, or Newsgator, etc.



  1. Hi Camy, I use Google Reader and the scrolling frame worked great. I might have to "borrow" your idea. :)

  2. Hey Camy, the scroll bar came across just fine in Google Reader. Gotta get that one myself.

    In fact, it would be great to pass that on to Mimi for the FIRST posts.

  3. I guess I'm here to parrot the previous 2 commenters! It works in Google... and I want one! LOL! Thanks for the idea!

  4. Such an awesome little tool! I've been posting the full chapters and coming back later to take them out, but I usually forget step two. Now there's a cure. No need to let me know the code - I have a wee bit of html savvy and managed to find it in your page source (oh, the cleverness of me!).

    My blog readers will thank you.

  5. Thanks for the feedback, guys! For those of you who want the code, here it is (replace the {} with the html less-and and greater-than symbols)

    {div style= "overflow: auto; height: 307px;"} INSERT CHAPTER {/div}


  6. Camy, this is a great idea! Thanks. It works perfectly in bloglines (but you already knew that) and I'm going to use it for my chapter posts as well. Brilliant!

  7. Lol, Amy's spreading my scroll everywhere!

  8. Thank you, Camy!