Friday, June 20, 2008

2008 ACFW Conference

Captain's Log, Stardate 06.20.2008

Today, the 2008 ACFW Conference registration opened up and writers are getting excited!

I credit the ACFW conferences with my publishing career. I met my current agent at an ACFW conference, and I met my current editor at an ACFW conference, even before she became an editor!

Most writers balk at the cost, and I won’t lie, it’s not cheap. Plus you have to factor in the cost of the hotel room and airfare (and can I get an amen at how ridiculous the airfare prices are now???).

But for me, because I felt truly called by God to write Christian fiction, the cost was worth it. I knew I needed to attend the workshops and talk to both other writers and industry professionals.

I didn’t think of it as “networking”—I thought of it as meeting people as excited about writing as I was. I wanted to meet other writers and “talk shop” with someone who could respond both coherently and with passion. (When I talk writing with Captain Caffeine, he tries to follow me, but usually his eyes glaze over, poor guy.)

I wanted a chance to learn from editors and agents about the business side of writing and to gather information about the Christian book market.

Conferences are extremely valuable, and ACFW does its best to ensure members go to a conference and know other attendees. They don’t want anyone to go and not know anyone there.

That’s why ACFW encourages an active main email loop, so people can interact virtually with each other and recognize each others’ names.

ACFW also has regional and local chapters so people can get to know one another via regional eloops or in-person chapter meetings before the conference, so that they have people to look for and talk to.

At the conference, there are lots of informal gatherings like the Chocolate Party for people to meet and greet in a casual, non-stressful situation.

The dinner tables (usually round tables that seat about 10) are also great places for people to meet in a casual, intimate setting. I’ve met many neat people who happened to sit next to me at dinner.

Also, I believe that most ACFW members truly care that first-timers have a good time, and I always see members going out of their way to chat with someone who looks unsure or is sitting alone.

I hope to see you writers at the ACFW conference this year! I’ll be presenting the awards for the Genesis contest at the Saturday night banquet!

Here are the other stops on the ACFW Conference tour:

6/11/2008 Chip MacGregor
6/11/2008 Cara Putman
6/12/2008 Wanda Dyson
6/12/2008 Pamela James
6/13/2008 Jennifer AlLee
6/13/2008 Ane Mulligan
6/16/2008 Robin Miller
6/16/2008 Christina Nelson
6/17/2008 Annette Irby
6/18/2008 Martha Rogers
6/18/2008 Sharon Hinck
6/19/2008 Susan May Warren
6/20/2008 Camy Tang
6/23/2008 Deb Raney
6/23/2008 Ronie Kendig
6/24/2008 Colleen Coble
6/25/2008 Rachel Hauck
6/26/2008 Brandilyn Collins
6/26/2008 Cathy West
6/27/2008 Jill Elizabeth Nelson
6/28/2008 Eileen Watson
6/30/2008 Lynette Sowell
6/30/2008 Sue Brower
7/1/2008 Gina Conroy
7/2/2008 Lena Nelson Dooley
7/2/2008 Rachelle Gardner
7/3/2008 Linda Fulkerson
7/4/2008 Terry Burns
7/4/2008 Rebeca Yeager
7/7/2008 Susan Downs
7/7/2008 Carla Stewart
7/9/2008 Rebecca Germany
7/9/2008 Leanna Ellis
7/9/2008 Rose McCauley
7/10/2008 Sharon Dunn
7/11/2008 Pam Meyers
7/11/2008 JoAnne Simmons
7/14/2008 Celia Tomer
7/14/2008 Janice Olson
7/15/2008 Angie Bredenbach
7/16/2008 Christina Berry
7/17/2008 Roxanne Rustad
7/18/2008 Margaret Daley
7/18/2008 Margaret Daley
8/1/2008 Christa Allen
8/3/2008 Deborah Vogts
8/4/2008 Michelle Hutchinson
8/6/2008 Tiff Stockton
8/28/2008 Gail Gaymer Martin

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  1. Hey Camy! I was perusing your list to remind myself when I'd be posting my own walk down the acfw memory lane when I couldn't find me. Lol...but I did more digging and found that I'll be talking about the conference on June 30.