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Sloppy gardening

Captain's Log, Stardate 05.13.2008

I’ve already confessed my black thumb. Now I confess my sloppy gardening.

I had to transfer my miniature rosebush from the planter into the ground because it was no longer miniature. You can see how I cracked the plastic planter in trying to get the darn thing out, you can see the sweep of dirt from when I dug the hole, and you might also be able to tell that the rosebush is a little crooked. In the background is a lavender bush I successfully transplanted last year (then again, it’s almost impossible to kill lavender, so I shouldn’t be so proud of myself).

I had to transfer another lavender plant from a pot into the ground because I needed the pot. If you look on the left side, you’ll see where the dirt from the lavender is at least an inch above the ground. I figure, it’s almost impossible to kill lavender (yay, me!), and the thing will settle a bit into the ground, right? Right?

Here’s the reason I needed the pot—my thyme (on the left) and rosemary (on the right). I’m hoping I didn’t kill them as I transferred them, because I think it will be really cool to have fresh thyme and rosemary this summer. And the rosemary might even survive the winter.

And to assure you I can’t be completely hopeless, my bearded irises are doing well. In the background are two canes of black raspberries I planted last year which managed to survive my mangled pruning and the winter. The next test is if I actually get raspberries.

Confess, all you real gardeners, I make you cringe, don’t I?


  1. Gardening is like anything - trial and error...isn't it??? My parents are gardeners (flowers though and not veggies) and they do a great job.

  2. Um Camy I have killed a lavender bush! it was all in the transfering and not watering and a few other things. You are doing good
    Water them for a good week after transferring.
    Oh and carnations do like water to live we found out this year!
    I have spend 3 days weeding and getting the garden ready for plants (why is it that a little water brings weeds!) to day I planted the pansys, snapdragons, lobilia (i think its spelt that way you cant kill them either they say. and mums carnations. I still have 520 tulips to plant. Want a trip to South Australia to help me! I really ache tonight.

  3. Gardening--ugh! If the plants can't fend for themselves, they won't do well at my house!

    Um, about the chair arrangement . . . anything to do with a playful doggy?

  4. Uh oh, I'm in trouble if Jenny has killed a lavender bush!

    Yes, Myra, the chairs are to keep my buttheaded dog from running into my irises. Last year, she went barreling into them and broke 2 or 3 stalks of flowers! After I had been congratulating myself that my black thumb hadn't killed them!

  5. Camy i kill things that you shouldn't be able to kill so it depends on things. Im sure you water them where i didn't (it could be the neighbours dog dug it up also)Which reminds me i have seedlings to water.
    and the thought of planting 520 bulbs is terrifying me!


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