Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sprucing up a Crate and Barrel gift card

Captain's Log, Stardate 04.09.2008

A few weeks ago, Captain Caffeine and I were invited to his cousin’s wedding down in Los Angeles. Aside from the fact I would be eating excellent Chinese food, I wasn’t looking forward to it because at weddings (especially L.A. weddings), I tend to be surrounded by these stick-thin gorgeous Asian girls who are at least 10 years younger and wearing fabulous dresses that would cost my entire book advance check.

But I digress.

We did the easy thing and picked out a Crate and Barrel card for their gift because, hey, I’m practical. I’d much rather get a gift card right off the bat than have to pack yet another toaster into the car to return for store credit.

Captain Caffeine had a brain fart and bought a wedding card rather than ask ME, who has lots of wedding cards or could MAKE one just as easily with the TONS OF STAMPS sitting in our living room.

But I digress yet again.

The Crate and Barrel gift card (the size of a credit card) came with this large square card and envelope, presumably masquerading as a wedding card or birthday card or whatever. But it looked depressingly like a Crate and Barrel card and not an actual wedding card.

The Captain suggested taking the credit card out and sticking it in the wedding card he’d bought, but I threw a fit. I forced him to go back to the store to return the darn thing for freakin’ FOUR BUCKS. Can you believe how much they charge for a card these days???

But I digressed big time.

I had a brilliant idea. The Crate and Barrel card and envelope COULD be a wedding card if it were fancied up a bit. I got this idea from my friend Sharon Hinck, author and also my partner in crime, who supplies me with stamps from Stampin’ Up.

I took some ribbon, some French/Paris style flower stamps, and the bride’s colors (moss green and gold) and came up with THIS!!!

What do you think? Please tell me you’re impressed. If you’re not, just lie to me and say you are.


  1. I am seriously impressed. No lie!

  2. I'm impressed, too. Stamping right on the envelope would scare me. One little bump and it's over. So what did you do on the inside?

  3. Thanks, guys! I didn't do anything on the inside, just made the outside pretty. I figured the $$$ on the inside would carry enough sparkle. LOL

  4. Nice post. I think it's brilliant. I share the view that giving a gift card is better than a toaster, which will soon breakdown and be tossed, or will be returned for store credit.

    I just wrote an article on this same subject. If you are interested, it can be found here.

  5. I am SO impressed! Wow, you even thought to match the colors. See, now that's just classy!

  6. As an avid stamper I say good job.

  7. Ooh, that's some fancy looking decorating, Camy! Two thumbs up!!

  8. I'm seriously impressed! You did a great job on that, Camy!

  9. I AM impressed! I hate spending so much on cards!

  10. It's the thought that counts!