Thursday, April 10, 2008

Prime Time America radio program

Captain's Log, Supplemental

I was on Prime Time America yesterday! Here's the link (I hope it works):

April 9, 2008

I'm not sure where I am in the program b/c I haven't had a chance to listen to it. If someone figures it out, please comment to let everyone else know!


  1. Fun stuff, lady! Love your laugh on the air. : )

    Found you at the 1:20:00 mark. Some of the stuff playing before you is pretty interesting, but I was able to move the slider (on Windows Media Player) to get right to you. (I got a wee bit tired of waiting.)

    You go, girlfriend!!
    love ya,

  2. Yay, Camy! I loved the interview!

    Okay, I'm confessing here... if I haven't met someone or heard them speak I give them a voice in my head. Your real voice did not match the voice I had in my head for you. It's better than the one I had for you. But, right now I'm still processing it. lol.

    Also, I love the story of your writing journey and your obedience to God when He asked you to lay your writing down. Awesome!

  3. You go girl! :-) Excellent interview and, I'm with Donna, I love your laugh!