Thursday, April 03, 2008

My dingbattiness is out in full force

Captain's Log, Supplemental

So, you all know I can be a dingbat, right? (No comments from you, Captain Caffeine!)

So I went to get gas a couple days ago. I was impressed I didn’t cause an explosion or something like that. But somewhere in between the pump and ... oh, yesterday around seven p.m., I lost my credit card.

I cannot believe I lost my card. I guess it says something about me that I use it so often, I notice it missing a bare 24 hours after I last used it.

I think it’s somewhere in my car, but I’ve searched and can’t find it. I also checked online and there’s no strange charges on it, so I don’t think it’s stolen, but we called and canceled the card anyway.

What is it about losing a credit card that makes me feel like such a dummy? Like my husband can’t trust me out of the house anymore or something stupid like that.

How about you? Have you lost a credit card or had it stolen?


  1. Cant say ive lost my credit card but if you know where my house key is i would really be happy. I have the one mum uses but i cant find mine.

  2. My wallet was stolen once (well twice, but the second time, miracle of miracles, EVERYTHING was recovered). The first time it was stolen I was able to call my bank within a short time of the theft...they thieves had only made one small charge, so I was able to cancel my cards before they had the chance to do any serious damage. Now everytime I even misplace my card (like putting it in the wrong pocket of my wallet) is so stressful!!!

  3. Camy, I once left my debit card in the ATM. Yep, I took my money out and drove off, not at all realizing that the machine was beeping at me to take my card! That's when you know you've got too much going on. :)

  4. That's the WORST feeling. I lost mine once, and that was enough. The whole time I was imagining someone on a wild shopping spree that should have been mine. There's something about losing a personal item that's unsettling.

  5. I have a really bad habit, after swiping my card at the gas pump, of just dropping it loose into my purse instead of putting it back in its rightful place in my wallet. Then, when I need it the next time and it's not where it's supposed to be, I panic, believing I've lost it. I've been doing this for going on ten years now. You think I'd have learned by now not to just drop it in the bottom of my purse!

    So have you found it yet?

  6. I once lost my entire wallet. I looked everywhere for it and couldn't find it. I was absolutely positive that it must have been stolen. With much grumbling and complaining, I cancelled and replaced everything...

    ...and a couple months later, while cleaning out my closet, I felt something in very back corner... yep. It was my wallet.

    I felt like an idiot.

  7. When I was pregnant with my first son I had some serious pregnancy-brain and I lost my credit card, lost my bank card, and I forgot ALL of my pin numbers and I even forgot my own phone number! Crazy.

  8. I get a little distracted at times--a little? Ha. So at various times in my life I've lost several credit cards and my drivers license. The worst was the license, because it was THE BEST picture I ever had on one!
    Never any trouble came of any of these. But recently my husband's main credit card was compromised because of a website being hacked, and I noticed fraudulent charges on our bill. No fun dealing with police reports and having to watch things like a hawk.

  9. Yep--I've had the contents of my wallet swiped before once (during my sister's wedding, of all times). Canceling everything was a huge hassle, plus having to re-apply for a driver's license--that was probably the biggest drag of all!

    And yes, I misplace my own card occasionally (usually putting into a pocket instead of back into my wallet) and freak out until I re-locate it. So sorry that you have to deal with this--it's definitely no fun! ;p

  10. Camy,
    You are not alone as you can see from the many comments which means I must be in good company too. I have lost my card a few well perhaps many times but it always appears due to panic induced searching. One time I was at Target and I swiped my card and took my stuff and walked all the way to my car. A man approuched me asking me to stop. I have to confess at the time I wished I had taken some sort of self defense class because every Without A Trace segment flashed though my mind. But He was a good samaritian and was bringing me my card.

  11. Thanks, guys! It's nice to know I'm not alone.

    We haven't found the card (yet) but we canceled it anyway. What a pain! Now I have to go through and figure out which bills were being paid by automatic charge to my card! Argh!


  12. Had my person stolen a few years ago. They used my debit card.

    For once we were glad our bank balance was low. :D