Saturday, March 01, 2008

ONLY UNI blog tour schedule

Captain's Log, Stardate 03.01.2008

It’s my Only Uni blog tour! Here’s the full schedule. I’ll be updating as things change, and I’ll also be posting every day about each stop on the tour.

3/1 I’m guestblogging at 123pizza about balance.

3/2 I talk about how I met Danica Favorite-McDonald on her blog.

3/2 Alison Strobel Morrow gives a fun interview and I reveal what uni really is.

3/2 I talk about pursuing our dreams on Michelle Gregory’s blog

3/3 Tricia Goyer asks what restaurant the two of us would go out to tonight!

3/3 Pamela James asks me about how I met Captain Caffeine.

3/3 I give Ruth (ChristianFictionQueen) the scoop on how Only Uni went from publishing flop to published book.

3/4 Jamie Driggers asks me to guest blog about when I quit my job to write full time. She also posts a review of Only Uni.

3/4 Here’s a neat twist—I interview Janet Dean on her blog!

3/5 I give some hard advice for writers on the Shades of Romance blog

3/5 In an interview with Dineen Miller, I talk about a moment in my life that most resembled a chick lit novel.

3/6 Jenny B. Jones and I nosh on our fav reading material, historical bodice rippers!

3/6 Angie Poole asked me to give 21 REASONS WHY SUSHI IS NOT CUT BAIT!

3/7 Jennifer from So Many Books asks who I’d choose if I were casting actors for roles in Only Uni, the movie! LOLOLOL I’m taking over the world!!!

3/7 Gina Welborn posts a review amidst running after her kids

3/10 I'm on Julie Carobini's blog talking about my childhood memories of beaches and chocolate.

3/10 Fellow chick lit authors Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt let me blab on their blog about my favorite author of all time, Jane Austen

3/10 Gina Burgess gives her great and wise thoughts on Only Uni

3/11, 3/12 You’re in for a double-whammy on Angie
Breidenbach’s blog! I’m up with a guest blog about broken vessels and one of my favorite Asian recipes!

3/11 Author and worship leader Rachel Hauck has me on her blog talking about the mystery of worship that I discovered in leading my all-youth worship team.

3/11 Peg Phifer answers my zany questions over on her blog and posts a review.

3/12 I get to talk on Tyora Moody’s website about COOKIES! I also give my grandma’s shortbread cookie recipe, and Ty posts a review of Only Uni.

3/12 Jenn Doucette asks me which of the four cousins I would mostly likely be friends with.

3/12 Read 21 reasons why I write Asian American contemporary fiction on MaryLu Tyndall’s blog

3/13 Rel gives a rockin’ Aussie review of Only Uni and an interview on

3/13 I’m on Tina Ann Forkner’s blog, talking about chick lit. Update: Someone hijacked Tina's blog and she switched to Wordpress, but lost the guest blog post. It's posted on my Story Sensei blog: The Evolution of Chick Lit in CBA

3/13 Sarah Sumpolec’s blog is called “Girls and God,” so I’m talking about being a girl and taking a few potshots at Captain Caffeine.

3/13 I’ve listed the top ten reasons to visit my friend, romantic suspense author Robin Caroll, and stay for a month

3/14 Fellow chick lit writer Georgiana Daniels reviews Only Uni

3/14 On Sharon Hinck's blog, I'm talking about the spiritual themes in my books.

3/14 Writers will want to visit Gina Conroy’s blog for the top ten mistakes I see in fiction manuscripts.

3/15 The first chapter of Only Uni is on the FIRST blog alliance

3/15 Crystal Miller asks me what three things to eat I can’t live without.

3/16 Join me and Christa Allan for a Favorites meme on her blog!

3/17 Ronie Kendig asks about how my dog Snickers got her name.

3/17 I’m on Deborah
Khuanghlawn’s blog
talking about being Christian in a Buddhist family, and Deb gives her thoughts on Only Uni.

3/17 Page McManus asks about a time when I felt like I wasn’t in control of my life and she posts a review.

3/18 I talk about how I do “big picture” manuscript critiques on Missy Tippens’ blog

3/18 On Sandra Glahn’s blog, I talk about which of the four cousins I identify the most with, talking a bit about my identity in Christ.

3/18 Janna Ryan posts a review and asks me what to order at a Japanese restaurant!

3/19 I’m blogging about inner beauty and self-esteem on Jenni Saaake’s blog, her Shoutlife page, and her teen blog.

3/20 Margaret Daley interviews my heroine, Trish.

3/20 Erica Vetsch asked me to blog about delivering the spiritual messages in my stories without bashing people over the head with it.

3/20 It’s Heidi Strawser’s birthday!

3/21 I’m guest blogging on Winter Peck’s blog about being Christian in the Asian American culture.

3/21 On Jennifer AlLee’s blog, I talk about some of the struggles I had as a single Christian woman.

3/21 On Myra Johnson’s blog, I list the Top Ten Ways I Know Captain Caffeine Truly Loves Me

3/24 Reviewer-extraordinaire Michelle Sutton posts a review

3/24 Kelly Klepfer reviews my book and posts a meme starring my character, Trish!

3/24 My top ten Hawaiian foods are on Malia Spencer’s blog.

3/24 I talk about scrapbooking and card making on Tasra Dawson’s Real Women Scrap blog.

3/24 - 3/25 I’m guest blogging on Cara Putman’s blog about the top ten questions about the Sushi series, and she’s posting a review of Only Uni

3/25 Grandma Sakai is in an interview at Cheryl Wyatt’s blog, talking about how Lex and Trish’s romantic entanglements have made her feel.

3/25, 3/27 You’re in for a review and guest blog on Laura Domino’s blog about my personal heroes.

3/25 Sherrie Ashcraft and
Christina Berry team up against me!

3/26 Sally Bradley does a meme with me and posts a review

3/26 Betsy St. Amant and I gab a bit, and Betsy posts a review

3/26 My friend and historical romance author Mary Connealy slings her worst—er, posts a review.

3/27 Susan Stitch asks me what my favorite book was as a child

3/27 The faboo writers at the FAITH blog ask me some great writing questions.

3/28 Fellow Seekerville blogger Audra Harders posts a review

3/28 I’m guest blogging about body image at Back in Skinny Jeans blog

3/28 Amber Miller interviews me

3/28 I’m guest blogging at my friend and Genesis category coordinator Syndi Hawkins’ blog, and she posts a review.

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  1. party on girls! thank goodness i got a reminder or i would have just forgotten as usual! i've never done this before. quite fun!