Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blog tour - day 25

Captain's Log, Stardate 03.25.2008

It’s my ONLY UNI blog tour! Check out the full schedule here and also on my sidebar to the right.

Here are the stops for today:

I’m guest blogging on Cara Putman’s blog about the top ten questions about the Sushi series, and she’s posting a review of Only Uni

Grandma Sakai is in an interview at Cheryl Wyatt’s blog, talking about how Lex and Trish’s romantic entanglements have made her feel.

You’re in for a review and guest blog on Laura Domino’s blog about my personal heroes.

Sherrie Ashcraft and
Christina Berry team up against me!


  1. I can't believe my mother would put you on the spot like that! So come by and answer the same question for me. :-)

  2. I had a posting problem this weekend, but it's fixed now. Sure, a problem while the world chases down all of Camy's blog tour posts. Wouldn't you know it?

    So anyway, the guest blog is in place and the review will be there Thursday, as scheduled.