Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Geta (slipper) socks

Captain’s Log, Supplemental

I’ve been wearing Crocs slippers around the house—the cushioning helps my plantar fascitis. The problem is that in the wintertime, I have to bunch up my socks in order to wear them with my slippers.

Japanese people wear split-toe socks called tabi socks, worn with a geta slipper. I thought, why not make my own with wool yarn?

I used Red Sprinkles Wool-Ease worsted yarn, and I adapted Pinpilan Wangsai’s Lickety Split socks pattern for the toes (I knitted mine top down rather than toe up). For the leg, I used the “Scallops and Lace” pattern by Sissy Gorgus from the Knitting Zone Sock Challenge.

Update: I wrote out the knitting pattern for top-down stockinette tabi slipper socks!

Captain Caffeine calls them “alien socks” because the split toe looks so freaky. I blithely ignore him, because HIS feet are cold while mine are toasty warm.


  1. wow... you are incredibly creative!

    I got "Heaven's to Betsy" in the mail yesterday and I did a blog post with links to you this morning.

    Thanks so much!

  2. Thank you for showing these (they're pretty cool). I was looking at the shoe exhibit at the Field Museum the other day and saw some that looked like that and thought to myself, "ewww, what's up with that?". Now that I see yours it all makes much more sense. Great work!

  3. I just finished my first pair of socks last week. Love that pattern! And yours turned out very cute.

  4. Now those are adorable! It's funny, but I swear I just saw socks like that somewhere else this week (maybe in my dreams, who knows?!) Anyway, I have those crocs flip-flops (only mine are brown). I love crocs~ aren't they the best?!

  5. Do crocs really help with the pf?

  6. Kathy, they did for me. I was also doing exercises like rolling a golf ball under my feet twice daily.