Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Professional gifting – looking for ideas

Captain's Log, Stardate 12.04.2007

Well, it’s a necessary part of the holidays—holiday parties at work, Christmas gifts for coworkers and other industry professionals you interact with.

What do you give them?

Naturally, it can’t be too expensive. Nor can it be too inelegant in nature. Nor too intimate.

My friend gave scented candles, which is a nice gesture—especially since she gave them to some very nice ladies—but these days, too many people are allergic to scents. With professional gifts, it’s especially difficult because you might not be close enough to the recipient to know what they’re allergic to.

Cookies/cakes/brownies/fudge? What if they don’t like chocolate or they’re allergic to gluten?

I usually fall back on gift certificates, but even that’s hard sometimes because you’re not always sure if the shop/store you’re getting the gift certificate for is a place the recipient shops at.

I mean, this is such a dilemma. What do you get your coworker? Your boss? Your client?

I am lucky because I know most of the people I am gifting to this year like both coffee and chocolate. Captain Caffeine is roasting batches for me to give to people.

My close friends are getting knitted gifts because (a) they know me and don’t mind that my gifts are inexpensive, (b) they appreciate the time invested in making them something, (c) I know them well enough that I emailed them and gave them options to choose from. Easy, and everybody’s happy.

Do you guys have ideas for professional gifting?


  1. Hey, when someone makes me something, that has love and care written all over it. It may cost less money, but it takes more of your time and thought. You can't put values on those. I adore my scarf. And I am so excited that I'll get to type this winter without numb, cold hands! You rock, girlie! (((((((HUGS)))))))))

  2. I love homemade gifts. I loved those cards you made last year. LOVED!! You're amazing!