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Shelf shock

Captain's Log, Supplemental

You voracious readers know what I’m talking about. You decide to randomly browse through your To-Be-Read pile (or in my case, my To-Be-Read bookshelves (as in plural, folks)) and you’re shocked by what you find.

“I didn’t know I had that book ... I didn’t know I had that book ... or that book ...”

“I have five copies of this one title.”

“I’ve been wanting to read that for so long, I should just take that out and read it next ... or maybe that one, that looks so interesting ... Oh, I’ve been wanting to read that one forever! Yes, I’ll read that next ... Or what about this one ...”

Pathetic, yes. That’s me.

Okay, now I’m completely motivated to get back into that speed reading book I bought and learn how to speed read.


  1. LOL, I can so relate! Need more reading time. Especially after conference. Did your pile increase exponentially after that too?

  2. I can relate to the bookshelves of books to be read...that doesn't even include the books at the library that I haven't been able to get to.

  3. I used to be this way--I had stacks and stacks of unread books. But three years ago, when I installed shelves in my office, I had to cut down on what I had, since three walls of shelves was all I could afford the hardware for. So I had to set a limit for my book buying: I can buy a new book only if I know I'm going to actually sit down and read it within the next month. And since I usually can't guarantee I'm going to have time to do that, I usually don't buy more than one book at a time. But I do still have about a shelf and a half of books I haven't read yet.

    This system has increased my utilization of the public library. If I check it out, I have three weeks to either read it or return it. If I do read it and it's one I might want to read again, then I'll let myself buy it.

  4. Um, yeah, I did this recently. Guess what I found? 88 books that I have that I have not read yet. Oy.

  5. This concept is totally foreign to me. I don't have one book that I haven't read! Y'all want to send some my way?

    Then again, this says I have a lot of time on my hands. Too true. *sigh*


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