Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Mom Song

Captain's Log, Supplemental

I just got the link to this from my friend Ruth Logan Herne, and I have to say, it’s hilarious! All you moms (and anyone who still remembers living at home) will love this!

The Mom Song (William Tell Overture) by Anita Renfroe


  1. This has nothing to do with the actual post here...but I just wanted to say that I can't believe I have to wait until February for Only Uni, but it'll be worth it! LOVED Sushi For One? =)

  2. Oh yeah. This is too funny. I showed it to my daughter last week and she didn't get it until the part where she said, "don't make me come down there..."

  3. This was so funny that my kids even enjoyed it. Then my 13 year old son said, "Some of that sounds familiar."