Friday, October 26, 2007

Chocolate chip cookies with Captain Caffeine

Captain's Log, Supplemental

I suck at baking. No joke. Something always burns—either me or whatever I’m baking.

My husband, however, is great at baking. Probably because he’s more careful than I am. LOL

We also tend to buy too much of any ingredient we need. As a result, we bought several bags of chocolate chips when we only needed one bag because the chips were on sale.

Oh, shucks.

Captain Caffeine made chocolate chip cookies to help use up the many, many—MANY—bags of chocolate chips we’ve got in the pantry.

For scooping out the cookie dough, Captain Caffeine uses an ice cream scoop—much thanks to Alton Brown from Good Eats on the Food Network for this tip. According to the Captain, that ice cream scoop is worth it's weight in gold.

Uniform, perfectly baked cookies! Captain is quite a good baker, unlike his wife.

Snickers, naturally, hoping Daddy will magically drop a cookie just for her. Never mind it's so hot it would scald her mouth.

Captain Caffeine in action.

There is so much butter in these cookies, can you see the sheen of grease on the baking stone?


  1. Yum! Those look so good that they're making my stomach growl! Guess that means it's time for some breakfast.
    I'm not much of a cookie baker either, but I did recently post a recipe on my blog for Pumpkin Chip Cookies~ they are fantastic!
    Hey, we have the same kitchen floor, only my diamond shapes are a pinkish color! LOL
    Have a good weekend~ eating all those cookies!

  2. May I have a cookie . . . PLEEEZZZZZEEEEE? I {heart} chocolate chip cookies.

  3. Mmmmmm....chocolate chip cookies! I would love some home made chocolate chip cookies right about now. Too bad they don't use ovens in South Korea...or rarely use them.

  4. I have a sudden craving for chocolate chip cookies. How odd...

  5. How funny! I'm making chocolate chip cookies this afternoon to take to my chapter meeting tomorrow. They'll be baked on a stone and scooped with the Medium Pampered Chef scoop! I don't know how I ever managed to make cookies without stones and scoops.

  6. Oooooh, they look yummy... I am so hungry! Does the baking stone really work better than a cookie sheet?

  7. Awesome! I love my Pampered Chef baking stones and have darkened mine to a wonderful patina--I like baking. I have the best honey cookie recipe if you're interested...

    I love it that whatever you and the Captain are doing that you put up pictures. It is almost like a soap opera that I tune in to watch I(if I watched soaps--you and the Captain are much more interesting, if you ask me.)

  8. Yum. Can I come over? Jeff's the cookie maker in this family.

  9. Rachel and Crystal, I noticed the Pampered Chef cookware/accessory immediately, too! :-) The best of the best, and I've never been a salesperson for them.

    The scoop does make all the difference in the cookies being perfectly baked. I also love the result of spliting the amount of butter the recipe calls for into half margarine (cubed) and half shortening. (Make sure to add the teaspoons of water the shortening suggests for the substitution.) The texture with that mixture is divine.

    My son just "outgrew" his gluten intolerance/allergy so we'll be breaking out the chocolate chip cookies tomorrow!

  10. As one who got to sample a couple of those cookies, Captain Caffeine is an impressive baker. Those cookies are yuuuuuuuumy.

    Have to try Christina's suggestions. Just hope I can remember. Cool on the scoop! Gonna have to try that too.

  11. I love your cookies! And a Captain is handy, surely enough!

  12. lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this