Thursday, September 27, 2007

Interview with Tamera Alexander

Captain's Log, Stardate 09.27.2007

Today I have an interview with Historical Romance author Tamera Alexander about her latest novel, Remembered!

In book 3 of the Fountain Creek Chronicles, Veronique Girard sets off to Colorado Territory from France after the death of her mother. She is searching for her father, who set off to make his fortune in American as a fur trader twenty-five years ago. Unfamiliar with the language, customs, and the land, Veronique sets out on a dangerous journey to find a man she doesn't remember and answers to her questions.

Jack Brennan has been working himself to death for the past fifteen years as a wagon guide to block out the pain of his wife and son's death. Now, he is ready to settle down in Willow Springs. When he is thrown together unexpectedly with Veronique, he becomes involved with her quest to find her father, but that is not the only way she has the potential to change his life.

And now, here’s me and Tammy!

What inspired the storyline of Remembered?

My motivation behind Remembered was a trip to Paris that my husband and I took in May 2006. I "met" the heroine of Remembered, Veronique Girard (figuratively, of course), in a cemetery in northern Paris, and as Joe and I strolled the old cobbled walkway of Cemetery Montmartre, this young woman (the daughter of a French Fur Trapper from the 1840s) came alive for me.

The first scene in Remembered is set in that very cemetery. Remembered, book 3 in Fountain Creek Chronicles, released this summer!

I love how Veronique is French. What's her favorite French dessert and why?

Véronique never met a patisserie she didn’t love! And her favorite sweet pastry is a Chocolate Napoleon, of course!

Can you give us a sneak peek at your new series, Timber Ridge Reflections?

I’d love to! I recently completed the first draft of From a Distance, book one in the new Colorado Territory series with Bethany House but still have a ways to go with the story before I’m done. You know how that goes. But I LOVE rewrites and layering!

Here’s a sneak peek at From a Distance:

Elizabeth Westbrook, daughter of a decorated Union Commander, travels to Timber Ridge, Colorado Territory, in the heart of the Maroon Bells, determined to photograph their beauty and that of the territory's newly discovered cliff dwellings. Establishing her career as a premiere photographer and journalist is of utmost concern, as is finding a cure for her mysterious illness.

But when one of her photographs turns into key evidence in a murder charge, her life is in peril. And when her interests clash with those of former Confederate sharpshooter Daniel Ranslett, she begins to question her own motivations. What she learns about herself is surprising, but what she learns about Daniel is life-changing.

Bethany House is already working on the cover art and here’s something fun—they’re having a seamstress custom make an “Elizabeth dress” for the model to wear. I so appreciate the attention to detail Paul Higdon and his art team at Bethany give my covers. As soon as we have a mock up of From a Distance, I'll post it on my blog at

From a Distance releases in spring 2008.

I noticed that you like The Closer too! I adore that show--my mom got me totally hooked by having me watch the DVDs of the first season. I'm not as polite as Brenda Lee is, but I certainly would like to be as strong-willed. Do you see yourself as kind of like Brenda Lee?

I love Brenda’s character and how multi-dimensional she is. Did you watch the season finale this week! Oh be still my heart! Wonderful!

I can’t say that I see myself as a true Brenda Lee, but I am guilty of saying “Thank you so much” when I really mean something entirely different. ;)

I love love love ethnic food (I just did a restaurant meme on my blog and couldn't pick only five! I'm pathetic). What's your favorite ethnic cuisine and why?

I love Mexican food. Can’t get enough of chips and salsa. I love the spicy kick with the salty tang. Followed with sweet Sopaipillas, of course.

You're off the hot seat! Any parting words?

Something that God has been impressing on me recently is that he’s the restorer of our discarded dreams. He’s restored my long-buried dream of writing and I’d just like to encourage anyone out there who has a dream that they’ve laid aside through the years—for whatever reason—to bring it before the Lord, and then watch what he does!

Camy here: Thanks for being here, Tammy!