Friday, May 11, 2007

Too many papayas

Captain’s Log, Supplemental

Ever feel like you’re just holding too many papayas and you’ve just got to either grow more arms or drop a few?

(Well, you might feel that way with apples, but I remember papaya season in Hawaii, and boy do I miss fresh papayas now.)

Anyway, I decided to drop a few projects I had. I’ve already stopped posting my Health and the Writer series on WriterQuotes, which has switched over to My Writing Mentor blog now.

I’m going to stop my weekly blogging on the CAN Marketing blog because there’s really only so much I can say about blog marketing for fiction writers. I think next week will be my last post.

I’m also going to stop my monthly blogging on WordPraize (Write Time – Working Full Time and Writing). Next month will be my last post. It’s been fun, but like I said … too many papayas.

I’ll still keep up my Story Sensei blog. It’s my way to give back to the writing community and help other writers. I’ve been better about remembering to post three times a week.

And I’m still keeping up this blog. I enjoy it. Where else can I post about my knitted toilet seat cover, and my fuzzy pink knitted Bible cover, and start an Asian American racial controversy?

On a different note, I just turned in my final macro edits for my second book in the Sushi Series, Only Uni. Yay! It’ll come out in February 2008. So from the day I turned in the rough draft until the book comes out on the shelves, it’ll be about 13 months. I still have the line edits due, and also the galley to check over (two more rounds of editing). Oh, and the ARC (Advanced Reading Copy), to check for typos.

Oh and hey, if any of you guys want a bookmark or two (or several) for Sushi for One?, shoot me an email and I’ll send them to you.


  1. I was crackin' up even before reading a word of your post, lady! Can't remember if I've even ever eaten a papaya. Lame, huh.

    But I'm glad you're paring down a wee bit. Working Genesis has got to have you frazzled as well. It's okay, all those other blogs will carry on. (After several moments of silence on your sad passing.) ; )

    Breathe and find rest and live!!! And eat a papaya or two. And keep blogging about your knitting. And Captain Caffeine's latte art.

    Ahh ... now that's living right.

  2. Nope, never eaten a papaya--but I suddenly have this craving....

    Anyway, if it's anything like spinning plates, or juggling fiery bowling balls, I understand.

    Hooray for your edits! I can't wait to read your books!!!!!!

  3. This is good! Repeat after me:
    "I am not wonderwoman. I am not wonderwoman."

    Now if you get Robin to say that, you ARE wonderwoman. LOLOLOLOLOLOL! ;-)

  4. Not "dropping" the papayas. Just placing a few to rest. (Might be hard to pick up a squished papaya and enjoy it.)

    Completely understand. Focus, focus, focus. Now if I could only drop my job, a kid or two, household chores...