Thursday, May 10, 2007

Captain’s Log, Stardate 05.10.2007

Got this from the CBA Aspiring Retail newsletter. This sounds great for mothers of teens or preteens to check out. offers general-market comic book and graphic novel reviews. Mike Nappa, publisher of says “graphic-intensive print products are now dominating the lives of American children and teens.” Quoting stats from Marvel Comics media kit, he says, “Marvel Comics distributes 4.1 million comic books every month—a circulation higher than Time magazine, Woman’s Day, TV Guide, or Sports Illustrated.”

Acknowledging it’s “important for parents to be culturally savvy, artistically inspired, and deeply rooted in their faith,” Nappa provides a review and an “After the Story,” getting parents and families to talk about the comic from a Christian worldview. Coverage has already begun on the Web site.

I remember being absolutely addicted to the X-Men comics. Mom just mailed me two boxes of my old comics.

How about you guys? Any favorite comics?

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