Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Captain’s Log, Stardate 05.29.2007

I read this in last week’s CBA newsletter, and thought it was really cool.

ArkALMIGHTY connects churches to needs.

ArkALMIGHTY, a nationwide good-deeds program that matches up needs in churches with congregant’s talents and skills, launched May 1. Inspired by Universal Pictures’ upcoming Evan Almighty and Steve Sjogren’s Conspiracy of Kindness (Regal), ArkALMIGHTY is designed to enable youth groups and churches to get involved in tangible volunteer outreach via the Internet.

Gathering the needs of church attendees, requests are compiled on ArkALMIGHTY.com administered by the church. Then, church members can search through needs and find ways to help. Over 400 churches, including Willow Creek, have already signed up. See www.arkalmighty.com for more.

What’s kind of neat is that my church is already listed, although not with any needs.

This is a great opportunity for church youth groups to get involved in their community, especially if they live in more urban and suburban areas where there are lots of churches within driving distance.

Tell your church about it so they can register!