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Writing Progress - Sushi and Suspicions

I’ve been working on Sushi and Suspicions , a Christian contemporary romantic suspense which will be releasing in June in the multi-author box set Summer Suspicions . Trouble follows Liv on her vacation to Hawaii when she is framed for the theft of an antique rifle. Only a handsome investigator can help clear her name ... and maybe give her a reason to stay in the islands. If you want to read a snippet of what I wrote last week, check out my last newsletter !

8 random things

Captain’s Log, Supplemental

Missy Tippens, Nancy Brandt, AND Susan Meissner tagged me this week!

Update: I also got tagged by Trish Perry and Rachelle Gardner!

That's FIVE! Heather and I are seeing who can get the most tags! LOL

Update: Deborah Vogts just tagged me! That’s SIX!

Update: Eileen tagged me! That’s SEVEN!

Update: P.S. McManus and LaShaunda tagged me! That’s NINE!

Update: Robin Lee Hatcher tagged me! That's TEN!

Here are the rules:

1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.

3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

8 random facts/habits about me ...

1) I knit to write. My mom had taught me knitting when I was younger, but I picked it up again completely randomly one day. Then I discovered that when I knit, it helps me to write. So now I sit at my computer and knit a little, write a little, knit a little, write a little. I also knit to unwind.

2) I make cards. My friend Sharon Hinck is a Stampin’ Up demonstrator and she got me into it. I love doing it to unwind, plus I make thank you cards for editors and agents and my publishing house peeps.

3) I love reading Regency romances although I’d never write them. Most of my favorite authors are all either dead or else not publishing books anymore: Mary Ann Gibbs, Norma Lee Clark, Joan Smith, Jane Austen, Elisabeth Fairchild. I also love Carla Kelly and she just came out with a new one for the first time in years.

4) I have extremely flat feet. They are so flat, when I walk across linoleum, my feet make suction noises. I have to wear inserts in my sneakers to do aerobics, and I use Taryn Rose (Hysterically Expensive) boots when I go to conferences because they’re so incredibly comfortable that I don’t need my inserts.

5) I am allergic to crustaceans, specifically shrimp, crab, and lobster. The weird thing is that I can eat fresh-water shrimp (prawns), and I can eat crab grown in Hawaii waters. I think there’s some kind of toxin in the water of normal shrimp and crab that I’m allergic to. However, I can eat as many clams, scallops, and oysters as I want.

6) I love French fries. They are my favorite food. I must have them at least once every two weeks, although I try to limit myself to no more than once a week.

7) I stand when I work at the computer. I have my keyboard, monitor, and trackball elevated with boxes so they’re at the proper ergonomic height. It’s very comfortable for my back, and I sit every so often to rest my legs.

8) I love spreadsheets. I use them for plotting. I also use them for organizing the Genesis contest.

I tag:


LOLOLOL, suction feet noises! That has to be useable material in some kind of book, it just HAS to be! You are some kind of dexterous wonder, knit...type...knit...type.

I'll post mine tomorrow :-)
Winter Peck said…
Hubby's flatfooted, but not that bad, course when he walks he thuds really loud!

Well, I've got mine up, go see!
How fun! Thanks for sharing your list. I will try to avoid staring at your feet if we ever meet "for real." :)
Paula said…
This was such a fun post, Camy!! I popped over to see if you took Lisa Samson's challenge . . . are you going to?

BTW, I think God actually sent me here because your verse of the day really hit home, confirming something someone told me earlier . . .

blessings on you sweet one!
Anonymous said…
Wow! I didn't realize we had so much in common! I knit, but I never thought of it as a writing thing, and I LOVE making cards! My husband is actually a little scared when I go to my SU hostess club because I come home with more stamps!

However, I can't imagine standing at the computer. I sit in a nice easy chair or in the recliner when I use my Alpha Smart!

Thanks for playing.
Unknown said…
Sigh. You and D just HAD to go an tag me, knowing how swamped I am! Fine, fine, fine....I did it! Here's the link
Eileen Key said…
You rock, flat foot! Thanks for playing. Always fun to know weird things about one another.
Unknown said…
Here are my 8 random facts.
Gina Conroy said…
This meme has been fun getting to know a little bit more about people we read all the time!

I have 8 random and 8 strange things up at my blog. Though after I've read yours I could probably write 8 more random things!

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