Thursday, April 26, 2007

Red Fire Chocolate Bar

Captain’s Log, Supplemental

When I went wine-tasting with my parents a couple weeks ago, we visited Rodney Strong winery and it was there I saw this chocolate bar.

It's a Red Fire Bar, with Mexican ancho and chipotle chilies, cinnamon, and dark chocolate.

Being the adventurous type, I bought it to try it.

I’m not disappointed. I’ve always enjoyed Mexican hot chocolate, which has cinnamon in it, and this reminded me of it. It also has a kick of pepper that I don’t really taste until after the chocolate is almost entirely melted in my mouth—then I can taste the spiciness at the back of my throat.

I think, personally, it could use a little less pepper—just enough to give a kick but not enough to be so noticeable.

On a whole, though, this is quite good.

I’m also surfing the chocolatier’s website and drooling over the unusual chocolates they have!

How about you? Any unusual or fabulous chocolate you’ve had?


  1. This falls under strangest chocolate:

    a chocolate covered green olive

    It was really weird.

    The same store, Widman's in Grand Forks, ND, has a specialty: Chippers, chocolate covered potato chips. They are very good too!

    They also do chocolate covered jalapenos, but I'm not a jalapeno person so, no thanks.

  2. Break me off a piece of that chocolate, girlfriend:-)Never met a bar of chocolate I didn't like.

  3. Well, I'll leave the chocolate discussion to you connoisseurs, but I just wanted to say that Rodney Strong is one of my favorite wineries. That is some darn good merlot, isn't it?

  4. Wow, my two favorite things together! Sounds very yummy. :-)

  5. I tried Vosges chocolates at my sister's house. They almost died when I clamped down on the bar and started chewing. My response at the time was, "It's just chocolate... whatever." (They had wasabi, too.)

    Now, I prefer dark chocolate, and have learned to let it melt and really taste it to get the most out of the flavor.

    I don't mind sampling finer chocolates, but it's not likely that I would ever buy any. It's not exactly harmonious with my current socio-economic status.

    (Looking in my wallet) Vosges... no way, Jose.

  6. My weirdest chocolate moment was a free sample of chocolate-covered potato chips at (believe it or not) a Bed, Bath and Beyond store. It was reeeaaally good, and I don't even like chips that much.