Friday, March 09, 2007


Captain’s Log, Supplemental

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Bible in 90 Days: Day 58. I just finished Amos, and God pointed out to me a short passage describing Israel’s rich and complacent, and how judgment will fall swiftly on them. Which I’m sure didn’t win him any friends with said rich and complacent people.

Anyway, the passage struck me because I could see myself becoming complacent (although not rich … sigh …) and I didn’t like to see myself mirrored in this prophecy. I didn’t like to see myself becoming indolent and trivial in my daily cares.

I want to be earnest and filled with God’s Spirit. I want to actually please God.

(And I certainly don’t want to suffer the same fate as those rich and complacent people, thank you very much.)

Anyway, it was interested to see myself mirrored in a book like Amos. Usually it’s someplace like Ephesians or Galatians or something on the New Testament side.

Have you seen yourself mirrored in unexpected places?


  1. I just read the summary of the Asian chick lit "Sushi Series" on your page here and man those books sound great...a fun and interesting read!
    Now I really can't wait till the first one comes out...:)
    Good luck with all your writing!!

  2. Hmmm.....I don't know if I've seen myself mirrored in such places, but I do get the "messages" upside the head. LOL

  3. I've seen myself mirrored in my children, Scary. For them and for me!

  4. Hosea. I continually thank God for the book of Hosea b/c I was one of those He wooed back. One of my fav. OT books.

  5. The Psalms mirror me. They mirror my emotions. This book of the Bible always amazes me how it can zap right into how I'm feeling. It's especially good for the feelings of injustice and frustration!
    Angie B