Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Worst Valentine’s Day presents

Captain’s Log, Stardate 02.14.2007

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Bah, humbug.

No, I’m not really a Valentine’s Day Scrooge, but I do object to my husband spending money on flowers that will die in a week. I’m also not a huge diamond or jewelry kind of girl, so the Kay’s commercials are starting to annoy me.

I’ve actually had very few Valentine’s Day gifts ever given to me. The ones I’ve gotten have been rather nice, actually. However, I’ve heard some horror stories that would make your hair curl.

(And the picture above is NOT a candidate for a bad V-day gift. It’s a DeBrand truffle heart box and I wouldn’t mind some money thrown away for something luscious like that...)

Then I thought it might be fun to mention some of the worst Valentine’s Day presents you’ve ever received, whether from Current Significant Other or Past Romantic Mistake.

Oh, okay, and you can mention some good presents, too, if you want.

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  1. Okay Camy, just remember that you asked! This year my hubby gave me some dead tree limbs. Not the floral type. Although it would be more fun not to explain, maybe I will go blog about it now and you can check it out in a few minutes.

  2. Hmmm...I don't think I've ever really received any bad gifts but there was one time (a long time ago) when there was an argument on Valentine's Day and instead of giving me my beautiful heart-shaped box of candy and my flowers The Honey threw them in the trash. lol. Talk about throwing money away on candy and flowers!

  3. Camy,

    Got a great present for Valentine's Day. Hubby came home home last night with POTTED tulips. So I can enjoy the lovely pink flowers until they fade, then in the fall I can plant the bulbs in the garden and enjoy them again next spring. My hubby is not the gift-buying type, even on Valentine's Day, so it was an especially nice surprise.

  4. My husband and I do cards and dinner. The dinner usually waits until the weekend. I can't remember receiving any bad gifts, but the best by far was my Valentine's Day grandaughter.

  5. My wife is like you. She doesn't want me wasting money on jewelry. She actually asks for things like cordless drills and fire extinguishers for Christmas. We like to find hilarious cards for each other, most of which I can't talk about here. My best Valentine's gift is being married to such a wonderful woman for 16 years.

  6. my boyfriend sent me the perfect gift today, 2 hershey bars with almonds and 4 books!!! i got the best boyfriend in the world :)

  7. Loved your interview, girl.
    Hubby took me out to lunch today (guess where, LOL) and gave me chocolates and a card. Very yummy.

    I got him a "manly" box of chocolates and a card.

    That's about the norm for us. LOL!

  8. Well, for me this isn't about valentines per se. The nicest were when I got flowers from our garden in the days when the weather wasn't like it is now: well below freezing.

    I just wanted to pick up on a remark several have made about jewelry. My sister got some nice gold pieces as her wedding present from her husband and that's all she ever wears. And the sisters-in-law, especially one of them, won't look at anything that hasn't got diamonds and platinum, etc. written all over it. In fact, she picked out the wedding present that her son gave to his wife last November, which did not please his wife.

    Today I was unpacking a few of my things and came across some fossils, a polished piece of amber, stuff like that. And that got me thinking about valuable jewelry. I again thought: I really don't have any. In fact, when I was in the Dom.Rep. last year, I specifically bought one of the jewelstones in the rough. Jewelry really does nothing for me. My mother had her gold wedding ring and about 15 years ago my jewelry-loving sister-in-law gave her a diamond ring since she'd never had one. She wasn't particularly keen on it but she did wear it until she had trouble keeping her rings on and that included my father's wedding ring. We buried her with those two wedding-rings but my sister-in-law got hers back and gave it to my niece, which was fine with all of us.

    If I had valuable jewelry, I'd always be afraid of losing it. Instead, I have some jewelry only valuable in memories: some of my grandmother's that my grandfather had made for her by someone who owed him money. And others that he picked up on his trips in the navy. The only piece that may be of value is a supposed ruby pendant that my aunt got from her fiancé before he died. It came on a very good gold chain--which has disappeared--and I've never had the stone evaluated. I treasure it for the fact that my aunt gave it to me and I must admit that I don't even like diamonds. Had I got married, I would have done what a friend of mine did: she designed a ring herself to hold some semi-precious stones she had acquired. So much more personal than a diamond "off the rack" so to speak.

    And I guess especially for us Christians of what value are silver and gold. We've got much more precious things waiting for us in heaven.

    I've always wondered, and somebody may be able to clear this point up for me: Since diamonds, if I remember correctly, are just made of carbon, do they burn to nothing in a fire? Probably a silly thing to ask but that's how much jewelry interests me.