Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Six things

Captain’s Log, Stardate 02.06.2007

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Tangerine by Marilynn Griffith
Chocolate Beach by Julie Carobini

I got tagged by both Angie Breidenbach (Finish the Book e-mail loop) and Cheryl Wyatt.

Six weird things about me:

1) I stand and work at my computer almost the entire day, leaving my expensive ergonomic chair to languish in abandonment. The reason is because standing was actually better for my back, and I can do a little light aerobics while at my computer.

2) I did mention I had 3500 books, right? Here’s the proof.

3) I knitted a toilet seat cover to prevent my bum from freezing. It does not get weirder than that.

4) I absolutely love handbags, but I hardly ever switch the one I’m using. I had a black Dooney and Bourke backpack purse for several years (that thing was indestructible! I loved it) until I recently switched to the cutest little pink Dooney and Bourke purse that I got on sale.

5) I have to set an alarm clock in my office to remind me to take my daily medicine.

6) I swore I’d never get a Mac computer, because at my last job, I had an ancient iMac that was the bane of my life and absolutely no tech support at the company to help me to use it. Then I got fed up with the problems my PC was having, plus my husband was using a Mac laptop for work, and got a darling MacBook Pro. I love it, and I’m very happily eating my words.

TAG! YOU’RE IT! Post your own “six weird things” and leave a comment to let me know!


  1. Hey Camy, I tagged you too, but anyway. I've posted my six weird things. BTW, I love the new pic, is that going to be for you books too?

  2. Love the new cover. That girl is beautiful by the way. Sigh... but we aren't supposed to be envious, so I'm moving on.

    Really great cover. Can't wait to read it!

  3. Love your cover, Camy, and I especially love your new pic on the right! I am SO excited for your book to be coming out!!!! It's surreal!

    Love, Squirly

  4. Ok - I had to have fun with this one. I posted my six weird things on my blog.

    I have a new blog/site now at my own domain. :)

  5. Hey Camy,
    You are definitely weird (seat cover?) You must live in a cold climate like me up in MT. Wait, maybe I need one of those, lol.
    I love your photo and your blog's look. I'll be baaack. I have to learn some more from you.

  6. Hi Camy,
    You've been tagged to tell your story in 100 words or less. Please visit my post, "My Story," for details. I want to hear yours

  7. I LOVE the new picture! Beautiful.

    I posted my six things. I love purses, too, as you'll see.

    I don't think I could stand and write. It would drive me crazy!

  8. Did that post in January when someone else (Heather?) posted on her blog (LaChaim).


  9. I'm way behind on my blog reading due to the kiddos being sick, so please forgive me for being a couple days late.

    I love this meme! And I don't think knitting the toilet seat cover is weird. In fact, I think it was very creative. And the standing while writing, that sounds like a good idea. Too bad I'm so lazy or I would try it. lol.

    BTW, I love the cover for your book. AND I think the new picture of you in the sidebar is gorgeous!

  10. I'm a few days late responding too, but that's cuz I just tagged Camy on my blog and learned she'd already been tagged. So, I came here to see.

    Toilet seat cover? Ingenious!

    And I'm with everyone else, the cover is gorgeous! Just like your pic.