Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Parenting blog and knitting

Captain’s Log, Stardate 01.09.2007

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Pioneer Parenting

My friend Mary DeMuth has written a powerful book called Building the Christian Family You Never Had. It’s for parents from hard backgrounds who want to step forward in a positive way with their own families.

She has a blog for Pioneer Parents. Here’s the blurb about it:

“This blog is dedicated to those of you who don't want to duplicate your childhood home. Here at Pioneer Parenting, you'll find testimonials of fellow pioneer parents, helpful tips, authentic words of encouragement, and guidance from parenting experts and the Bible.”

Remember we discussed authenticity? Mary is wonderfully authentic in her blogs, and it sets her apart as a blogger and author.

Her Pioneer Parenting blog articles and interviews center on issues like:

* Parenting when you've had no example
* Dysfunctional upbringings
* Childhood sexual abuse
* God's healing of the past
* More-than-a-formula parenting (parenting from a changed heart, rather than
imposing parenting methods upon yourself)

As well as many other topics of interest to Pioneer Parents.

Check out her blog! And if you are a Pioneer Parent, consider e-mailing her with your own parenting journey and what God has taught you along the way. You don't need to have written a book about this. Anyone qualifies here.


I have been getting into knitting lately. Maybe because it’s cold (well, cold for California), but also I’ve found all these free, relatively easy patterns at Lion Brand Yarn Company.

I can knit in front of the TV. I can actually be productive while sitting on my butt. And these things are great gifts to give away, and relatively inexpensive when I buy yarn online at certain sites.

My grandma and my aunty crochet, but not knit. My mom taught me the basics of both back when I was in high school.

Are any of you guys knitters? Any favorite websites, yarns, patterns?


  1. I've never been a knitter. However I can do basic crochet.

  2. I just learned to crochet and I really like it. I've done a couple blankets and a poncho for my sister. My latest project (almost done) is a sweater for a baby my friends are adopting.

    I've used the Lion Brand site too. But I just went to Hobby Lobby to get more yarn and they have nice, easy, free patterns in their section that you can just rip off and bring home.

    Happy knitting! (I was crocheting while watching CSI: Miami the other night.) :)


  3. I used to crochet with my aunt, but I could never sit still long enough to learn knitting. Have fun! I hear it's all coming back again.

  4. I can't knit or crochet.

    Camy thanks for placing a link to pioneer parenting. Yes, if any of you would like to write a short testimony about how God has healed you of a wounded past or how He's helped you parent differently than you were parented, send me your story. If it fits, I'll post your post, complete with links.

    Email me at maryedemuth at relevantprose dot com.

  5. I learned to knit last fall and I agree it is a cold weather activity. Funnily, I haven't knit at all this winter. I checked my bookmarks and here are a few sites I like:
    Have fun!

  6. I don't know how to knit (eventually I'd like to learn) but I love to crochet!

    I do tend to crochet more in the winter months in the evenings when I'm watching TV. It also helped me keep my hands busy when I first quit smoking.

    I can't give you any pattern sites though because I'm HORRIBLE at reading patterns and rarely ever use them.

  7. I just saw your comment you left on Crystal's blog and I had to come say...

    Thank you! I ♥ you Camy!

  8. Post pictures of your knitting adventures Cami! : )

  9. I am passionate about knitting....come visit my website and go to the Parlor for a visit....I promise you will leave a yarn addict!

  10. I'm 3 months late on this one, but yes, I knit! And crochet and cross-stitch. I am incapable of sitting down and NOT having something in my hands. I'm making a pair of socks right now, and I've got my eye on a Heartstrings lace stole pattern called Wandering Ivy.

    Cross-stitch is my first love though. I even have a blog just for my stitching! It is all very relaxing and I can just let my wander over anything and everything when I'm stitching or knitting.

    You need to go have a look at all the yarn on Etsy. It's kinda like eBay, but entirely crafty stuff. There's some absolutely yummy sock yarn there and a lady who makes the cutest row and stitch markers! Her ID is "Beadmarkers".