Saturday, January 20, 2007

Isaiah – week 5

Captain’s Log, Stardate 01.20.2007

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Blog Bible Study: Isaiah 7:1 – 8:22

This verse struck me:

(God speaking) “Unless your faith is firm,
I cannot make you stand firm.”
Isaiah 7:9b

King Ahaz of Judah didn’t believe Isaiah’s prophecy. He either didn’t believe that Isaiah heard God or that God was really speaking.

Do I hear God speaking? Do I slow down enough to listen? Maybe the reason I think God isn’t talking is because I’m too busy running around to stop and ask.

God can’t make me believe. He can’t make me slow down to listen. He can’t make me stop and ask. I need to do that myself, to make it a priority.

“Ask the Lord your God for a sign of confirmation, Ahaz. Make it as difficult as you want—as high as heaven or as deep as the place of the dead.”
Isaiah 7:11

The study asked what this reveals about God’s character. I think it shows that God wants us to act to show that we truly believe Him. He wanted Ahaz to act, to ask for a sign, which would show that Ahaz truly believed God would do what He had said He’d do with Syria and Israel.

I think sometimes God does the same with me—asking me to act to show I truly believe. Sometimes He gives me a sign, but sometimes I have to act before He gives me a sign.

How about you? Do you ever feel sometimes like you have to act before He affirms your decision, or has He always spoken to you before you act?


  1. There are a lot of time when I have to take that leap of faith first. Maybe it's because I'm such a wimp who's afraid of the unknown and God is showing me that I need to strengthen my faith in Him and in myself. (well, that's just the way I like to think of it, lol)

  2. What a thought provoking post. Thanks for sharing :o)

  3. Both I think. Depends on the situation. I love it when God does both--gives you confirmation to go forward, then gives you affirmation as you continue. He's so cool.

  4. i'm just now reading your post, been away at a youth camp all weekend long and reading what you wrote really served to cement much of want GOD revealed to me. Last year I really wanted a sign from God for confirmation about a decision, but I kept coming to the verses in the New Testament about not seeking a sign. For this new year something has crept into the framing of life that once again needs confirmation, and reading what you write Camy, opened my eyes to the other side of signs from God. SO thank you!!