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5 things people don’t know about me

Captain’s Log, Stardate 01.16.2007

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Another meme:

1. I am a black belt in aikido. No joke! I got it my senior year of high school. There are also TEN levels of black belt in aikido and I only got the first one.

2. I sang in a Christian a cappella group in college called Testimony. I sang soprano and at the peak of my youthfulness (boy those days are long gone), I had a 3 ½ octave range. The Christians I met there were some of the most influential in my life. I fully committed myself to Christ because of them.

3. I used to draw a lot, especially Japanese anime. I don’t as much anymore, but I still enjoy it. I’d probably do it more often if I weren’t enjoying writing so much.

4. I have over 3500 books in my house (I keep an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of them). About 150 of them are ebooks, so I guess they don’t count since they don’t take up space, but that still leaves 3350 books. They are mostly paperbacks bought from thrift stores, although I haven’t bought any lately, since I have no money

5. I am allergic to bubble bath soap—I break out in a rash. Yeah, I had a deprived childhood.

TAG: Anyone who wants to! Leave your blog address in the comments if you do/have done this one.


  1. Always enjoy a good game of TAG. Check out my five things at

  2. Hey there Camy.
    I do a lot of drawing myself. It's a great way to channel the creative spark.

  3. WOW. That's a lotta books. You oughtta start a library. Have you read them all? I used to make it a personal rule not to ever own a book I hadn't read. (This is back when I used to practically live at the library and actually had time to read.) Now I have a stack of books that I've gotten because they looked/sounded really cool, but I just haven't had the time to read them.

    I'll do the meme but I don't know what the 5 things are supposed to be. 5 Things Most Poeple Don't Know About Me?, I'm guessing? Or is it just 5 things in general?


  4. Oh. My. You cannot be serious! Where on earth do you keep them all???? No wonder your hubby makes you give some away. In fact, I'll bet that if you post your spreadsheet (are you a Type A?) for giveaway purposes you'd create a stampede. No joke.

  5. and i thought i had a lot of books with 409. 3350? that's like the next best thing to heaven....

  6. Kewl Meme, Camy! So fascinating to learn all that about you!

  7. Giorgiana, you should see her office. It's packed! I like this meme. I might do it on my blog. :-)


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