Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Prayer

Captain’s Log, Stardate 11.05.2006

Leave any prayer requests in the comments and I’ll be praying this week. You don’t have to be Christian to leave a prayer request. If you’d rather not advertise to everyone on the blogosphere, just leave an unspoken prayer request or e-mail me. If I forgot your prayer request, e-mail me. Not to be mean or anything, but if you don't e-mail me or comment to update your prayer request, I'm only going to pray 3 Sundays.
Lord, thank you for today.

Father, I pray for favor for Case with his sentencing judge. Please let everything turn out well for him and his family. Continue to uphold them in your righteous right hand.

I pray Robin gets elected President. And Pammer gets elected VP. And Eileen gets elected Volunteer Officer. (You said we could pray for anything, right?)

Please comfort Jaen and her family and provide for them.

Speak clearly to Heather as she steps out in new spaces. Open doors so she knows without a doubt it is your will. Please provide more income for her.

Be with Pammer in all things. I pray against the spiritual warfare attacking her family.

Knit Cheryl’s bones and tendons together completely and quickly. Give wisdom to all her doctors and therapists.

I pray for healing for Dineen’s daughter and wisdom for the doctors.

Give Ronie wisdom and peace. I pray for success for Brian’s test.

Be with Ron in his new responsibilities and heal his back.

Help Sharon to complete all the work she has to do. Give her energy and motivation. Encourage her.

I pray for peace and wisdom for Kelli S.

Thank you for opening doors for Sarah S. Please continue to give her success in her writing.

I pray for healing for Gina C.’s son.

Protect ChristianFictionQueen from spiritual warfare at her workplace, and help her to serve you wherever she is.

I pray for complete healing of Malia’s back and knee. Please give her wisdom about what you’d like her to do next.

Lord, I pray you will open doors financially for Vicki G. with her writing. Please provide for them despite the medical bills. I pray for healing for Mr. G.

Please help Audra S.'s husband quit smoking. Give him the strength and discipline he needs.

Help all the SAYSFers hear back soon about their manuscript submissions. I also pray for physical healing and health for them all.

I pray for Mary C.'s niece's baby. Please give wisdom to the doctors and strength for this little one.

Please heal Pam H.'s friend Peggy.

Help Dream to see you more in her everyday life.

I pray you’ll help Narelle’s son to adjust to the new home and to Narelle’s job without problems.

Please continue to give Mary D. and her family and her team wisdom from on high, and not their own.

Please give Tricia G. the wisdom she needs for her new projects. Thank you for all the opportunities you’ve been giving her to serve you.

Give Lily strength and power from you to stay sober, to keep following you, to pick herself up again. Protect her from spiritual warfare and continue to bless her.

I pray for the right publisher for Judy’s work. Continue to help her to write for you.

Help Brittanie in all her work, and help her to know you more.

Heal Diana D.’s ankle completely and help her to feel your love and give it to others.

Help Sigrun with her aches and pains, and continue to speak to her and teach her how to follow you with even more love and faithfulness.

Help PajamaMama to find the friends and help she needs. Comfort her and give her your mighty strength.

Help Mir in all her allergies and tinnitic, and help her to know your will for her writing.

I lift up Gina H. and pray for the right editor and house for her writing.

Help Ane to also find the right editor and house. Help her continue to be a blessing to others.

Continue to help Rachelle to serve you and make a difference for you.

Help Paula M. and take away her worries. Help her to rest in you and protect her from spiritual warfare.

Continue to help Megan D. to work and rest for you.

Give Donna your wisdom, blessing, and encouragement. Continue to lead and guide her. Give her all she needs.

I pray for refreshment for Mair. Give her your words.

I lift up Angie P. and Pattie. I pray for complete healing for Pattie. Help them both to continue to be strong in you.

I pray for complete healing for Synner’s dad and strength for her. Help her to write for you.

Be with Angie B. in all the concerns she has with her family. I pray you will work everything out smoothly and quickly and gracefully. Continue to bless her writing.

Help beatccr get into grad school and continue to work in her life.

I lift up Patricia W.’s friend Crystal and her two children. Please continue to watch over them.

Continue to bless Georgiana D. in her writing and her family life. Give her your strength for everything she has to do.

Please heal Jeanne D.’s daughter Grace from her RA if that’s your will. Give wisdom and strength to the family.

I pray for complete healing for Katie H.’s brother’s shoulder.

Be with Gina W. in her pregnancy and her writing.

Help Angie A. to open herself up to more of your blessings.

Continue to be with Winter and help her both emotionally and physically.

I pray for complete healing for Sarahsermon’s mom.

Continue to be with LaShaunda in her pregnancy and her writing.

Help MamaRose’s daughter heal completely.

Continue to help Connie S. to be a blessing to others.

Be with Heather and Emma Grace and give them both strength and peace.

Help Cathy in her writing and give her wisdom and peace about all things.

I pray for your blessings on my friends married to non-believers.

I pray for healing and deliverance for your persecuted church.

Help me to write, Lord. Please heal me from this cough. Help me to be disciplined and obedient to you.

Thank you that we can come to you. Amen.

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  1. Here's an update on my dad. He went to the doctor yesterday for the test results from a cat scan (or something like that). The tests show that the tumors are shrinking and not spreading! The new chemo drug is working, praise God, though my dad might have to stay on it longer than originally planned. That's okay though. My dad's going to be around for a lot longer! Thank you, Jesus.