Friday, November 24, 2006

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Captain’s Log, Supplemental

Blog book giveaway:
To enter, go to the blog links below and post a comment there.
My Monday book giveaway is Calm, Cool and Adjusted by Kristin Billerbeck
My Thursday book giveaway is Hazardous Duty by Christy Barritt.
You can still enter both giveaways. On Monday, I'll draw the winner for the Calm, Cool and Adjusted and post the title for another book I'm giving away.

Win an iPod Nano! Exclusively for my newsletter YahooGroup subscribers, I have a huge contest running until January 31st! Get more info on my contest page! I got this from fellow ACFW member Donn Taylor:

If you want to write your thanks at Thanksgiving to a member of the U.S. Armed Services, Xerox is making it possible. To participate, visit Select one of the cards pictured there and personalize your message.

To express its own appreciation, Xerox will send your card and message to a service member.

In this nation we have much to be thankful for, and Xerox is giving us an easy way to write our thanks.

Donn Taylor
The Lazarus File

Camy here: Send a card! Show thanks to our troops!

Spread some bloggy love: My friend Barb (she created the fabulous stone cross I have for my Sunday Prayer) asked me to share two new blogs in the blogosphere.

Her pastor:

Her friend Becky Wolfe, who is a rock climber (I’m so impressed! That’s so cool!):

Please welcome these new bloggers with a comment and some encouragement!


Writing: I posted another article on developing your writer’s voice at my Story Sensei blog.

It’s the home stretch for NaNoWriMo! Please pray for me. I actually might be able to make it. Panic allows a writer to do amazing things.

Seriously, crunch time has allowed me to have some good one-on-one time with God about the whole difficulty I’ve been having writing this book. Some good heart adjustment.

I don’t know if I’ll finish, but I’m hopeful, and I’m praying. Please pray for me too!


  1. Thank you for the heads up on the letssaythanks to the troops. I love it. I went and sent several. Its a wonderful idea. Brittanie

  2. Ah well, you're beating me now on Nano. I need to get some more writing done this weekend. Not sure if I can catch you, though.

  3. You can make it...absolutely. I have no doubt. My first year I think I typed 10,000 words in two days. It was amazing. It was running into the home know you're close, so you speed up and make it there so much faster than you expected. You can do it!