Thursday, August 31, 2006


Captain's Log, Stardate 08.31.2006


Please pray, I’m working hard on my second book’s plot and stuff and it’s coming together more slowly than I’d like.

Diet: I found out that the acid in blueberries eats away at my tooth enamel! I’m so bummed! Blueberries are my favorite snack.

But if I eat more than a handful, my teeth become extremely sensitive at the gumline, similar to when I drink soda with citric acid. My dentist says the citric acid eats away at my enamel.

Due blueberries have citric acid? Or maybe it’s ascorbic acid that’s eating at my teeth? Who knows—I now have a whole pint in my fridge that I have to get my husband to eat before they go bad. Maybe I should make muffins.

Any interesting blueberry recipes?

Shortbread count = 3. :(