Thursday, July 06, 2006

Got my contract!

Captain’s Log, Stardate 07.06.2006

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Ronie’s trip to California: I got to spend some time with Ronie and her family when they visited Dineen’s place yesterday!


Writing: I got my contract yesterday! How weird to see it in black and white. I’m going through it now, although I understand less than 20% of what’s going on. I think I’ve even been assigned my 10-digit ISBN numbers for three of the books in the series. Now THAT is hecka surreal.

My agent Wendy already went through the contract so I don’t expect to find anything worse than maybe a typo or two that escaped her fine-toothed comb. She has been FABULOUS throughout this entire thing.

Okay, let’s be crass and talk money in suitably vague terms. I can’t imagine NOT having an agent for this. She negotiated a higher advance than I ever dreamed I’d get. Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally true when they say not to quit your day job, but her diligence has given me a little more pocket money.

If you don’t have an agent when you get a contract (or even before that), get one NOW. In fact, much of the number-crunching was actually done on the Profit and Loss statement drawn up BEFORE my manuscript even went to committee, before it was approved for publication. So it was vital that I had Wendy as early as that stage of the process.


  1. That is so cool that you got your contract, I am so excited for you! :) I'm surprised Zondervan hasn't already assigned your books the new 13 digit ISBNs...aren't they supposed to go live next year or something? I've been seeing books with both 10 and 13 digit numbers around here at work. Anyway, thanks as always for your terrific insight!

  2. Ain't it grand? And hecka surreal. ; )

    Have fun, lady! And congrats!!!

  3. exciting to have the contract in hand. :) I'm thrilled for you. :)

  4. Congrats Camy! I'm sure it's a tremendous feeling. Imagine how you'll feel when you see the cover art or actually get your author copies? Savor the ride...

  5. Congrats, Camy! It's a relief, isn't it?

    Happy writing,

  6. Isn't it fun reading all the gooble-dee-gook? LOL! But even with all the legal jargon, it IS exciting. You're being partnered by a major publisher and your book is going to get out there and touch hearts. HOORAY! A special moment. Be sure to celebrate it somehow. :-)

  7. Congratulations! Even with all the legal gunk, it must be so exciting to have it in your hands!

  8. Congrats on the contract! It really is an amazing feeling! Enjoy it and celebrate!

  9. Congrats! What an awesome feeling, especially if you're liking the numbers you see! ;-)

  10. Congratulations, Camy. It must be wonderful to hold that contract in your hands and to "feel" the reality of it.

    I was following your next clue for the treasure hunt and sort of going off on tangents. I came to 2 places that reminded me of something that I feel is important.

    I may have mentioned somewhere that my mother was always upset that at church they prayed for the missionaries and the people who were ill but never prayed for the people that the missionaries were ministering to, to have the Holy Spirit prepare their hearts for what the missionaries were doing for God's glory. Never were the caregivers of the sick mentioned and she herself knew from almost 10 years of caring for my father after his stroke, how much prayer support she truly needed.

    Anyway, to get to the point: I think we should be praying *now* already for the Lord to prepare the hearts of those who will be reading your books. He knows for whom these books will be a special blessing and our prayers will be meaningful.

    I think I told you about the other Christian writer, Angela, who first got me on blogs. She wrote to her newsletter group about 6 months before her book came out to ask us to pray that God would prepare the readers for the message he wanted to convey to them through her book. Once it was out, she was amazed at how many people were touched by God through what she had written. The book is already in its third printing.

    Please also pray for Angela herself. I haven't heard from her for over two months. In her last blog entry on April 29, she wrote about damage done to her home by weather and some challenges she was facing. I've written her an e-mail but received no response. So I'm worried about her because she always answered any e-mail promptly just like you. Thanks, Camy and anyone else who will pray.

  11. Congrats, Camy!!! I'm so happy for you. I look forward to reading them!!

  12. congrats!!

    So not going to be jealous that you hung out with D and Ronie without me... hell what am I saying, yes I am!

  13. congratulations on your contract. I'm jealous. I keep getting good feedback from agents, (great plot but hard sell, great read but too short, great concept, etc.)

    I guess I just keep plugging. Any advice you could give would be much appreciated. :)