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Finish the sentence

Captain’s Log, Stardate 07.01.2006

Blog book giveaway:
My Monday book giveaway is CONSIDER LILY by Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt.
My Thursday book giveaway is LOVE ONLINE by Kristin Billerbeck and Nancy Toback.
You can still enter both giveaways. Just post a comment on each of those blog posts. On Thursday, I'll draw the winner for CONSIDER LILY and post the title for another book I'm giving away. Stay tuned.


Delia tagged me AND complained about no posts on Saturday (but she did it very gently). So today, just for her, here’s a meme for your blog-reading pleasure.

1. My home is... filled with dog hair and never clean enough.

2. I am listening to... I flip between a worship playlist on my iPod and the 2005 RWA National workshops on MP3.

3. Maybe I should... take a few months to read the dozens of books in my TBR pile.

4. I love it when... I finish watching a really good movie or reading a really good book. The Aaaaaah at The End is priceless.

5. My best friend... is my husband. I’m trying to come up with a blog ID for him rather than his name, and I’d like to call him Coffeegeek but he protested.

6. I don't understand... writers who don’t read, either books or instructions. A writer who doesn’t read is like an engineer who doesn’t know how to use a calculator.

7. I lost... the last vestiges of my sense of tact when I met Robin. I wish I could go all out and REALLY not care what people think of me. If I don’t like them, why should it matter, right?

8. People say... I’m sweet. They don’t live long after that.

9. The meaning of my blog name is... I’ve always loved loft apartments—big, airy, relaxing. Someplace to hang out and sip wine coolers. I try to make my blog someplace to put up your feet, relax, and enjoy the read.

10. Love is... in my hubby’s smile and my doggie’s wet nose.

11. Right now, somewhere, someone is... being kidnapped and sold into slavery, probably a young girl being bought because sicko men with AIDS in third world countries believe having sex with a virgin cures them of the disease, and only children are guaranteed virgins. GIVE TO ZOE CHILDREN’S HOMES!

12. I will always... Now that’s a loaded question. I can’t even say I’ll always love French fries because what if I get preggo and suddenly can’t stand them? (Well, obviously I’d be nauseated and depressed at the same time).

13. Once upon a time, I... was 120 pounds.

14. Now, I... am, er...a lot more.

14. I never want to... GAIN MORE WEIGHT! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I jiggle!

15. My personal motto is... You’re kidding me, right?

16. When I wake up in the morning... I don’t. I wake up around noon. If I do happen to get out of bed before that, I don’t remember.

17. I get annoyed when... a heroine in a book starts off really strong and then does something completely Too Stupid To Live.

18. People always... breathe. Unless they’re dead.

19. I sing... for youth group worship on Saturdays and for main worship on Sundays once a month.

20. Hugs are the best when... they’re from people who showered.

21. Today I... exercised and ate a salad! Woohoo!

23. Tomorrow I will... see Dineen and we will get together and get writing done! (I filled out this meme on Wednesday)

24. I really want... to earn enough money where Coffeegeek wouldn’t have to worry about finances.

Looking for a good read? Virginia Smith (JUST AS I AM, a great chick-lit) has a list of authors and what books they recommend on her monthly newsletter. I’m one of those authors! My recommendation is a novel coming out next month called RECONSTRUCTING NATALIE by Laura Jensen Walker—a really terrific book about a heroine who gets breast cancer. Believe it or not, it’s part chick-lit, part women’s fiction, and it completely captivated me.


Now that's romance! Today my husband came home with a large McDonald's fries for me. Still hot!

I asked him why. He said, "It was next to the grocery store, and I was thinking of you, so I bought it for you." He didn't even pilfer a single fry (he's not a bit fry fan, though), he said he wanted me to have it all.

Forget roses and chocolate! Hot McDonald's fries, just "because"! That's true love, baby!


  1. Gee, how in tarnation did I make you lose your last vestiges of sense of tact? Sheesh. I had my tact and couth both surgically removed. I'm a MUCH happier person now! :)

    And you and D WRITING? Uh, yeah. Ok. Whatever.

  2. This was so much fun to read!
    "people always breath. Unless they're dead!" Gaffaw!
    #13,14,20 muy funny!
    #3, I have a huge TBR and a TBF[finished] pile!
    and #17, I found that I get supper annoyed with this too and/or the guy of the story is just too perfect to live.

  3. LOL I love it!! What a sweetie for bringing you fries.

  4. **** for your hubby! Woohooo! What a guy.

  5. that's just so sweet... you're one heck of a lucky girl...LOL

  6. i really agree with you on #6..writers aren't writers if they don't writer never knows too much..

    your entries are really entertaining..i'm definitely going to bookmark your blog.. :D

  7. Mmmmm...McDonald's french fries! Still hot! And all for you! Yep, that is romance!

    Sorry I didn't get to read this until now! But, I loved your answers! And the Saturday post!


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