Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Spiritually Unequal Marriages

Captain’s Log, Stardate 05.23.2006

Blog book giveaway:
My Thursday book giveaway is ONCE UPON A CHOCOLATE KISS by Cheryl Wolverton.
My Monday book giveaway is A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND by Kristin Billerbeck.
You can still enter both giveaways. Just post a comment on each of those blog posts. On Thursday, I'll draw the winner for ONCE UPON A CHOCOLATE KISS and post the title for another book I'm giving away. Stay tuned.

Unequally yoked: I have a lot of Christian friends married to non-believers, or who used to be non-believers. I can’t even fathom the kinds of issues they have to deal with on a daily basis.

This new blog Spiritually Unequal Marriage is for encouragement and practical advice. It’s a totally awesome ministry. Even if you’re not in a spiritually unequal marriage, please go show your support and say a prayer.


Several friends insisted I need to reward myself for finishing my manuscript, so I went to Safeway and bought four pounds of bing cherries. These were not cheap, mind you. I love cherries. This is one of the best parts of living in California.

The cherries are in a Japanese bowl I got as part of a set for my wedding.

Diet: Not doing too badly considering I’ve been busy. No over-2000-calorie days, anyway, but I’m also not exercising, which is bad. I have to get back into the rhythm of that once my workload eases up.


  1. OOOOOOhhh....Cherries! I'm so envious.

    They're really expensive in Japan -- like $5 for 4 oz or something. >.<

  2. Sounds like a great way to celebrate. Nothing canned compares to fresh cherries. Now if they were dipped in chocolate . . . ;)

  3. Yum, those cherries look delicious. Guess why I don't buy cherries or strawberries and other fruit like that. Most of ours come from places like Florida or California. With a couple of 1000 miles to go on today's gas prices, imagine how expensive they are here.

    I also love that boowl. Reminds me of my almost-see-through china tea set. I love that color of blue with white and the yummy red cherries. Even a feast for the eyes.

    I couldn't image marrying a non-Christian. In some ways it would probably be almost more difficult to become a Christian while you're already married. The conflicts could be staggering. I'm having a hard time coping on my own so I can see why you're always praying for your friends who are in situations like that.

    I grew up in a Christian family and it's still amazing to me sometimes how other people live who don't know Jesus as Saviour. I didn't realize how sheltered I've actually been from a lot of life's realities. Even when I lived alone in Europe, that lifestyle stayed with me: no bar-hopping, going dancing or things like that. I've never minded going into restaurants on my own and except for a few incidents, I've rarely even come close to trouble. He's really been watching over me and that is such a freeing feeling--as long as you don't do anything that people might misinterpret.

  4. Those cherries look positively de-lish!!

  5. Camy,

    I finally figured out how to get back to your blog...like duh! I just want to thank you for your encouragine words on my blog too! ... those cherries are not in season are they??? they make my mouth water! Did you get or desire the cherry element I made earlier? let me know and I can always email to to you! Barb

  6. Ooh, I adore bing cherries. I can eat gobs of them. :) I'm going to follow your lead once I finish my book and get myself a treat. Thanks for the prayers, I'm plugging away. :) ~

  7. Yummy! Love cherries! What a healthy reward. Proud of you, girl!

  8. I love your bowl of cherries!

    On my blog, I show a green-tea mug served to me in Tokyo. I think I prefer cherries to matcha. : )