Saturday, May 27, 2006

Dumb dog

Captain’s Log, Stardate 05.27.2006

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Bikini shot: Snickers is very cute, but sometimes she’s dumber than dirt.

Here she is lying out in the hot sun. Now if I had a permanent fur coat, I’d avoid sunbathing. Does she? Nope.

And the thing on her nose is grass, because she had just rubbed her face in it, I guess because her nose was itchy.

Okay, ’fess up. Any dumb animal stories?


  1. Um...I really have TOO many dumb cat stories to share, I wouldn't know where to start. There was a hysterical moment 2 wks ago when Pepper (my black cat) was using the litterbox (which is in the laundry room). I was back there doing laundry, looked down at his head sticking out of the cover, and there was all of this litter stuck to his nose! It was hysterical! Unfortunately I didn't have a camera available.

  2. Well, okay. Now you have my attention.
    If you listen to my husband, we have the stupidest border collie ever born. If you listen to me, she's just pretending to be stupid - it's a ruse. She is really SuperDog, ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
    Too bad about that hip displaysia.
    Thunderstorms will send her running for cover into the nearest closet, and if she is alone during a storm, I will be sure to find some nasty presents to clean up.
    But, she is still my dog and she is beautiful and I love her lots. She keeps me company during the day, listens to my sob stories, licks away my tears and gives the best hugs I know!!
    Oh, and she doesn't talk back!!!

  3. Well, the only contribution I can make here is that we had a beautiful dog name Ivanhoe more than 30 years ago. Unfortunately, he was very hyper (supposedly, he was separated too young from his mom). One thing he often did when he was excited to see me back after a week I spent in residence at university, was to sit and try to lave my hands, face, anything his tongue could get to and...piddle on my foot. Eeek. But since it was a sign of his excitement and love, I tried to get used to it. LOL

  4. Snickers looks cool in the heat! And nothing like an armful of warm doggie. Love it!

  5. Okay, now I'm going to tell you this and there will be people ready to stone me. LOL. We had this kitten. My first ever pet. His name was Fred. Anyway, I got home from work one day right after we got Fred. I opened the door and saw him sitting in the window. I wondered why I couldn't hear him meow. I could see him meowing but couldn't hear him. All the sudden I realized he was stuck between the storm window and the regular window. AHHH! I'm thinking I should not be allowed to have pets. Somehow the window slipped down while we were gone. I have no idea how long he was in there. He was so hot. I felt horrible. Oh and he lived. Maybe I should mention that.

    Now when we laugh about it we always sing "How much is that kitty in the window"...I know- we're bad people. ; )

  6. Our black lab chews everything. He's gotten a little better as he's gotten older. But when we were visiting my mom's, we left him on her patio with his leash out of reach--we thought. We came back and he had eaten his whole leash except for the metal latch. The whole stupid thing was gone, not even a scrap left. On top of that, he's allergic to animal protein and it was a leather leash. Hope it tasted good.

    But hey, for all their nuttieness, animals provide a lot of laughter and entertainment. My dad always said we could tell God had a sense of humor because He created cats.

  7. May I just say one more thing on this topic?
    After a harrowing weekend with our 16 year old daughter, I have this advice for you, Camy, listen up -