Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You've Got Books! book club

Captain's Log, Stardate 03.08.2006

You've Got Books!: Christian Authors Network (CAN) launches email book club

Ever wish you could "test drive" a book before buying it? CAN's new online book club, You've Got Books! lets you to do just that!

Here's how this free service works. Once you subscribe to the CAN book club, you will receive a two-minute sample of a book by great Christian authors via email each weekday. By the end of the week, you'll have read a chapter or two of the book. By then, you'll have a pretty good idea if you'll enjoy the rest.

You've Got Books! Fiction will feature books from popular Christian novelists like Lyn Cote, Susan Meissner, Shelley Bates, Lauraine Snelling, Gail Gaymer Martin, Randy Ingermanson, Kathryn Mackel, DiAnn Mills, and many more.

Fans of Christian nonfiction will get a taste of the work of authors like Allison Bottke, Mary Byers, Tricia Goyer, Grace Fox, Cyndy Salzmann, Nancy Cobb, Connie Grigsby, and many more.

Books for the month of February 2006 are…

You've Got Books! Fiction:

- In All Deep Places by Susan Meissner
- Leigh by Lyn Cote
- Brother's Keeper by Terry Burns
- Pink by Marilynn Griffith

You've Got Books! Nonfiction:

- The Art of Saying No – and Living to Tell About It by Mary Byers
- The Making of a Christian Bestseller by Ann Byle
- The Velveteen Mommy by Jenn Doucette
- Single Servings by Lee Warren

Sound interesting? Just click here to sign up for your free subscription:
Or, go to Then, click Book Club.

Camy here: Oh, I guess this announcement is a little out of date. That's okay. Join this book club! These are great authors.

Blogging: I'm way too into my blog. As I told Heather, it's rather alarming how much I love blogging. Alarming as in send-for-the-guys-in-white-suits kind of alarming.

And I don't know why! Maybe it's the control freak part of me, because I have absolute control over my blog. Maybe it's the part of me that loves seeing my words in print. Maybe it's because my blog is so wonderfully PINK. I just like looking at it.

Oh well. I'm weird. So what else is new.

Bible in 90 Days: Day 56. I love the book of Daniel. I love how it's so specific in some of its predictions, which gives credibility for the other more confusing stuff. I love how angels are portrayed as powerful servants of God and not chubby naked babies with white wings (and BTW, who the heck thought of that?).

And now that I've read the previous books in the Old Testament, I have a deeper appreciation for this book. I understand the time period, how other figures during that time thought of Daniel, how the Lord and other nations viewed Babylon.

Have I mentioned yet how I'm loving this Bible in 90 Days thing???

Writing: Got some done this morning--getting some great characterization done using the Maass workbook exercises. If you haven't gotten this book, get it! I'm serious. It's helped me add so much TENSION and CONFLICT to this story. It seemed so blah in comparison now.

Diet: I lost a pound! 'Course, I'm still suffering with my portion control. Doing okay on the exercise. I really enjoy walking the dog cuz then I can listen to my writing workshops on MP3.


  1. You're ADMITTING you're weird? Huh...will wonders never cease?! LOLOLOLOL

  2. Keep on blogging and blogging. Remember you're writing, and writers gotta keep writing. And yes, seeing your words in print even if it is online keeps you focused on one of your bigger goals which is seeing your words in a book. I look forward to going to Barnes & Noble one day to buy your first hardcover ;-)

  3. I am totally addicted to blogging. It's sad really. I wonder how much more I'd get written if we didn't have blogs...hmmm, well, off to the next one. ;)

  4. No Camy, it could be worse. Let's not test that one, though. :)

    Thanks for the link. Not that I need another subscription, but hey why not. Speaking of subscriptions, am I on yours? I thought I signed up, but I haven't gotten anything in a while

  5. LOL Admitting to be weird... and yet I seem to remember you saying you were normal the other day on our blog. :-p