Saturday, February 11, 2006

A thought on the ramen I snarfed down yesterday

Captain's Log, Stardate 02.11.2006

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Random thought--ramen: What is it with my fascination for Asian noodles? I love bread, don't get me wrong--especially if it happens to be toasted with butter and garlic--but the thought of a bowl of thin wheat noodles swimming in MSG-spiked soup makes my mouth water.

The last time my parents flew up to California, they brought me frozen ramen imported to Hawaii from Japan--not the dried Top Ramen or Sapporo Ichiban sold at Safeway. This was the expensive, authentic stuff. The frozen Asian noodles are soft and yet firm, which is opposite from Italian pasta--cooked fresh pasta is often softer and more supple than cooked dried noodles.

But the best part is the soup base. Japanese know how to craft salt, spice, soy sauce, sesame oil and MSG into culinary masterpieces. I have no clue what's in those soup bases. I don't care about anything except the fact that the ramen soup rolls off my tongue and it's lovely.

So despite the fact I decimated my diet yesterday with a massive ramen lunch, I'm not entirely guilty today because the stuff was so darn good! I must be addicted to the MSG or something.

Bible in 90 Days: Day 34. Job is a deep book. I think it's deeper than my brain can think. This reminds me of how I felt in Philosophy in college. The one thing I can take from the book is that God is not subject to a set of rules about right, wrong, justice, injustice. He is the highest standard, and we don't need to understand why anything happens, whether good or bad. We have to trust Him and in His justice, and praise Him for His grace and love.

Writing: Got a little done today, but hopefully I'll get more done tonight after we get home from church youth group.

Diet: Well, I did get that drink I mentioned yesterday--a glass of some really pleasant French red wine that I picked up at Trader Joe's. I can't believe the quality for the price. So enjoyable. Only 100 calories, too. I think I ended up with 1700 calories for yesterday. I went to PT but I didn't go walking like I said I would--got too caught up answering Genesis emails.

Today, my husband surprised me with a cheeseburger and fries--who would be heartless enough to turn down a gesture of love like that??? I restrained myself admirably--700 calories.


  1. Oh so much to learn from Job. So true that it carries many deep insights. God allows suffering and that's a toughie for so many. Yet we can learn from Job how to praise even in the tough times.

  2. Trader Joe's! Where my chocolate comes from! Or did, when I lived in Tucson. Every time I went in there, I said, "Are you building in Dallas? Are you building in Dallas?" As it turned out, their next store is in Tennessee. Lucky Tennessee.

    I've been doing the 90-day thing, but hitting the references and cross-references have slowed me down. But what fun, not to be on a schedule, just absorbing. Like it took three-plus tons of gold, not to mention silver and bronze, for the Tabernacle in the Wilderness.

    I saw a beautiful model of the Tabernacle at the Holy Land Experience in Orlando. The side walls were muslin so we could see the priest in the Holy of Holies. Wow!

    I do love the end of Job--he ended up with more than when he started. God is good.