Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Robin Lee Hatcher and procrastination

Captain’s Log, Stardate 12.27.2005

Made mochi with Kara and co. yesterday. That was fun and yummy, although my husband was less than ecstatic over eating fresh mochi. We had a lot of fun talking and hanging out with the Kawanamis and the Cathcarts.

If you haven’t already, hop over to First Novel Journey today and tomorrow for a two-part interview with agents and author Janet and Ron Benrey.

I visited Robin Lee Hatcher’s blog today (she has this uber-sexy pic of a hottie I think is Ken Watanabe) and found this best-selling author PROCRASTINATING! (hanaokolele!)

She’s such a sweet lady and a great author, I guess we’ll forgive her. ;)

I just listened to her “Keys to Creativity” workshops on my 2004 ACFW/ACRW Conference MP3s. If none of you have that, listen to it—she gives some great exercises.

Anyway, here is what she was procrastinating on:

* My name ... Camy Tang
* My childhood ambition ... to be a writer OR a singing idol
* My fondest memory ... marrying my wonderful husband even though I was totally overweight and looked so hideous in my wedding dress that my vain side will not let me watch the wedding video even now, four years later.
* My soundtrack ... “The Robe” by Wes King (I’ll post the lyrics sometime)
* My retreat ... my warm, soft, comfy bed OR my warm, breezy backyard under the tree whose type I have no clue about.
* My wildest dream ... being published
* My proudest moment ... winning the 2005 Noble Theme contest in the Mystery/Suspense/Thriller category, because that actually proved to me—perpetual self-doubter that I am—that I write decently and might even be published someday.
* My biggest challenge ... I should put something worthy and Christlike but in reality, my biggest challenge is eating less than 1500 calories a day and having the discipline to write as efficiently as I want to. Yeppers, I got NO problems being authentic.
* My alarm clock ... I am NOT a morning person. Do NOT call me before noon even if I’m up because my brain is still in bed despite the look-alike zombie typing at the computer. If I didn’t have an alarm clock, I would lose every job I ever did.
* My perfect day ... eight furious hours at my manuscript, a gourmet dinner miraculously appearing on the table that would be enjoyed by me and my wonderful husband, followed by some terrific action flick DVD.
* My first job ... library assistant at Wahiawa Public Library
* My indulgence ... an eating tour of Europe and Great Britain
* My last purchase ... books (duh!)
* My favorite movie ... I have too many to list. The last terrific movie I saw was Mr. and Mrs. Smith, because it was a hilarious spoof on the action movies that I love.
* My inspiration ... my bible. Even a verse or two is like sweet water on my heart.
* My life ... is such a blessing, I could cry if I thought too hard about it.
* My card ... my Amazon VISA card. Yeah, baby! Points for books!


  1. well you have one of your child ambitions.

    I want to see wedding pics! pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!!! (I won't demand to see the video when I come see you just as long as I Can see pics! :-) )


    Okay you realize that's just an invitation for Robin to call you before noon right??? ROFL

    Hey can I go with you on your "My indulgence" ???

    Soooo with you on the "my life" one.

  2. I had to snicker at your "points for books" huzzah. I got my Amazon.com visa this past summer, and almost immediately someone used it fraudulently. Huh? But that got cleared up. A few bumpy rides, but now, I've gotten four certificates already. $100 bucks of free books (and it IS free, cause I pay off the balance and don't pay interest. Woo hoo.)

    I even got my husband using it so I accrue more points. I'm such a book hog.

    We should make a point to use each other's amazon.com links on our blogs as portals so we get MORE BOOK CREDITS!!!!!!!!!!!

    And dont' talk to me about fat. Oh, please. I would sink a battle ship just by stepping on it.

    Mir, but you can call me Big Mama

  3. Hey Camy! You're list is great. Love your authenticity.

  4. Hi, Camy. Thanks for commenting on my blog, even if I did cause you to gasp in horror. And I "know" you from FHL, so we aren't total strangers. I see that you played the procrastination game with me. Sorry if I led you astray. {{grin}}


  5. hmmm...no calls before noon? Gee, that's 2pm my time.....fingers dancing over the Rolodex now! LOLOLOLOL