Wednesday, December 21, 2005

More odds and ends

Captain's log, Stardate 12.21.2005

Prayer Line update
Remember I asked my youth pastor about that Prayer Line website?

Q: My question is: Does it hurt to have someone not a Christian praying for you? I mean, if I have a Muslim praying to Allah for my knee, is that bad?

A: Camy, it never hurts for someone to raise a prayer to God for someone, but a Christian must always remember that any healing comes from Jesus Christ. Sometimes, people get deceived and feel that they receive healing from a source other than Jesus (when the healing is supposedly miraculous).

Camy here:
I think I'll personally stick to asking close friends and my church family to pray for me. But I am also hoping to participate on this prayer site so that not only can I pray for others, but maybe Jesus can reach some of them, too.

First Novel Journey:
Gina Holmes interviews Jill Nelson tomorrow!

Writing: I applied to teach two different Late Night Chats at the 2006 ACFW Conference in Dallas.

"The Story Sensei: Doctor Your Own Story Structure" will teach the common mistakes I've seen as a contest judge and in my critique service, and then I will do on-the-spot high-level structural critiques of as many 2-page synopses as I can in the time allowed.

"Write Time: Working Full Time and Writing" will be all the tips and tricks I learned and researched while doing biology work and writing. It'll include some of the things I've written about in my WordPraize column, "Write Time."

I hope they get approved. But I also know that if they don't, it's just God's will, and I'm cool with that.

I also sliced and diced Robin's 4-page synopsis down to 2 pages. Woohoo! I'm goooooood. And humble, to boot. ;)

I was talking with Robin today and wondering where my true voice lies. I enjoy both suspense and chicklit, but I want to brand myself in one genre. Robin, you're reading my suspense now--I'm sending you my chicklit so you can compare. Who of all y'alls have read both my suspense and my chicklit? What do you guys think?


  1. How come I haven't read your chicklit????

  2. Eww, loved your article, Camy. I so needed that right now. Hmm, I've read a little of both of you "voices" and I can't say yet which one I like best. I can hear your "chick-lit voice sometimes in your suspense and I really like that. But that speed dating thing was a hoot! Oh, I just don't know! LOL!

  3. Hey, if you want to send me one or two chapters of each of your genres, I'd be happy to weigh in. But after New Year's. I have two books I'm reading for review right now. And I've never been an Energizer Mirbunny.

    Of course, there's no law that says you can't corner the market on "Asian Chick Lit Thrillers". :D